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30 Jan

New Year: Refined Me

New Year: Refined Me


Its’ been about a month since I left the beautiful white sandy beaches of St. Barths and returned to the crisp cold streets of New York. For those who I have not seen in the New Year I want to wish you a fruitful and successful year filled with new experiences and sacred memories. For all my loving friends and family that I saw through out the Christmas holiday I want to thank you for all your kindness. The several weeks of vacation re-energized me and made me excited for the year ahead. It is known that the first month out of the year is supposed to be a time to set new resolutions and goals for the year that lies ahead. Many people say that they want to workout more so they join a gym, others say that they want to look for the love of their life so they join a dating website. I want to experience more things while being thankful for the energy that I find from people I’m with. It is easy to take things for granted in a city like New York. However, with the current state of affairs it is now more important than ever to be truly thankful for the little things in life that make you smile.

Through out my trip to St. Barths I caught myself not only smiling and laughing while I was at Eden Roc enjoying lunch with my friends or when I was shopping in Gustavia, but also when a particularly interesting bird caught my eye, or the beauty with which the turquoise waves crashed on the rocks. The very idea of paying close attention to the things we may not necessarily notice is an attitude that I hope will push me to see the world differently in terms of fashion as well. Trends may come and go, however colors and creativity will always exist. I will try my best to create more corky yet elegant ensembles that will make you think, “Wow, there is something so beautiful about such an unexpected pairing”. Paris Fashion Week encompassed that very idea with the Chanel and Dior shows. Both Karl Lagerfeld and Maria Grazia Chiuri did what every designer and fashion enthusiast try to do on a daily basis: mix and match unexpected trends while still keeping the elegance and artistry of the pieces in tact.

My new years resolution is to do just that. Stay true to my senses yet push the envelope in ways that go beyond the clothes I choose to wear. What are yours?


Thanks for reading me

XOXO LenLenStyle