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24 Mar

LA Place to visit

LA Place to visit

Los Angeles offers endless options and things to do for memorable experiences for visitors and locals alike. Here are iconic activities that you must do when you’re in La La Land
Whether it’s visiting a quiet museum, or attending a boisterous ball game, there are always things to do, interesting attractions and event taking place throughout LA. Surprisingly for me after New York , the dinners here starting early at 5:00-6:00 pm people love to get home by 9pm, As they are awake since 5 a.m

If you want a taste of the Mediterranean in southern California, head just off the shore of the city. You’ll technically still be in Los Angeles County, but you’ll feel as if you’ve stepped onto the coast of Greece when you visit weekend escape at  Catalina Island

The only downside? You have to get on a ferry boat to get there, and if you get more excited by city lights than by the sight of a buffalo in the wild, this quiet escape may not be for you

OK, we know Disneyland is technically in Orange County, but it’s still a top destination for Los Angeles visitors.

West of the city of Santa Monica, the beaches run east and west, creating a beautiful setting and making for some great surfing when conditions allow. Since the days of beach-blanket movies and Beach Boys songs, Malibu has exemplified Southern California beach culture.

When you drive from Santa Monica to Oxford in just a few hours during the Malibu coast drive. Or, make a day of it and get your fill of Greek and Roman antiquities in a villa taken right out of the pages of history at the Getty Villa.

The market (once a simple farm stand, where area farmers sold their goods) is a great place to go for people-watching. With dozens of food choices, it’s especially great for a group of picky eaters who can each choose their own food items.

Hollywood is more of a state of mind than a real place. In Los Angeles, much of the hype centers on Hollywood Boulevard, around its intersection with Highland Boulevard. Ever since Sid Grauman built his first movie houses near there and started asking his friends to imprint their hands and feet in wet cement outside his Chinese Theatre, it’s been the site of a film fan frenzy.

Created to provide tours of Universal Studios’ sound stages and famous film sets, the studio tour has evolved into a full-fledged theme park, Hollywood-movie style. It’s about one-third themed rides (Jurassic Park, Revenge of the Mummy, and so on), one-third studio tour and one-third Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Sunset Boulevard runs from downtown Los Angeles to the Pacific Ocean through some of Los Angeles’ most exclusive neighborhoods. Its most famous stretch is probably the Sunset Strip, a section whose sexy curves make it a visual icon, lined with nightclubs and emblematic billboards.

Venice Beach is more than just the sidewalk scene. Stroll a little way from the busy parts to the pier and walk out over the water for a quiet break—or walk out to the Graffiti Walls to admire some great examples of outdoor art.

And the of course the Rodeo Drive the best area for the shopping !

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