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30 May

Discovering the beauty of St. Barths

Discovering the beauty of St. Barths

The Covid-19 literally took over our lives, with major cities going into lockdown. Almost everyone was restricted to their homes. Most of us missed out on the simple joys of life like shopping, going to the beach, etc. However, with travel restrictions in place, it became a nightmare for many who wanted an escape from their day-to-day routines.

Even though the ongoing pandemic still requires us to follow all precautionary measures, life is slowly getting back to normal. It is indeed a sigh of relief! If you are looking for a getaway, the good news is that there is one spot where you don’t have to worry about contagion. Yes, you heard it right! Now is the time to pack your bags and visit St. Barths to discover what a magical place it is.

St. Barths – the tropical paradise

St. Barths is a Caribbean island famous for its white-sand or blond beaches and designer shops. This tropical paradise is all about natural beauty and sophistication. Here’s why you should plan a getaway right now and enjoy it to the fullest.

Where to stay when in St. Barths

There are numerous places where you can stay when visiting the tropical paradise. Looking for some peace and quiet? Hotel Le Toiny is the place to be as it has just 14 individual villas spread out over 42 acres. However, if you are more into luxurious hotels, Eden Rock Hotel Eden Rock is the perfect hotel with its spectacular location in St Jean Bay. Not only do they serve amazing food, but there is also a rock star–themed villa equipped with a professional recording studio. Sounds amazing, right!

The white-sand beaches

The highlight of the island is the diversity of its beaches. In total there are 16 stunning beaches, where you can relax and have the time of your life.
• Saline Beach is a secluded beach in St Barths with translucent blue water and white sand that will mesmerize you for sure. However, if you want to enjoy peace and calm, it is the best place to be as you won’t find a hotel or restaurant.
• For all you party lovers out there, make sure to visit Lil’Rock Beach . Good music, gorgeous views, and of course, the blond sand makes Lil’Rock Beach a must-visit spot during winter.
• Another spot that you shouldn’t miss when in St. Barths is the visually spectacular Shell Beach . It is surrounded by towering mountains and cliffs. The sand made of small sea shells makes it an exquisite spot. Shell beach’s highlight is Shellona- a Greek restaurant, where you can party as much as you like.

Places to eat

Whenever you plan a vacation, it is a must to try the best eating places in town. When in St. Barths, don’t forget to try out their French restaurant, called Santa Fe St Barth . It is one of the most recommended places to visit. The delectable French cuisine and a beautiful view will certainly blow your mind away. Another restaurant that serves delicious French cuisine is L’ Esprit – great food and amazing ambiance, what more do you want?
Planning to go on a vacation during winter? Make sure to visit St. Barths. The blond beaches and scenic views will definitely uplift your spirits. Once you are there, you will feel as if you are in heaven.

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