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30 Mar

Automotive Haute Couture -Bugatti La voiture noir debut in Geneva

Automotive Haute Couture -Bugatti La voiture noir debut in Geneva

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In the 89th Geneva International Motor Show hosted from March 5-15th, 2019 at Palexpo in Geneva was hot! Representation of the future preserving the history reflected in representation of 157 World and European Premiers. Based on the official website of the exhibition more than 660 000 visitors registered for the 11 days event and more than 900 cars were exposed.

However, Bugatti has been definitely the headliner this year again. Italian artist family brand managed to differentiate themselves from others mainly with business and technical background. The artistic approach to design mixed with technical innovation formed the comparative advantage and Bugatti icon. The well-known slogan “Art, Forme, Technique” is the core of the company’s philosophy and success.  The company was formed 110 years ago in Molsheim (Alsace, France), where it is still placed today. In 1998 Bugatti joined the Volkswagen Group and has about 300 employers. Similar success it had at the 86th IGMS when presenting Bugatti Chiron and at the 88th by coming up with an advanced version of Chiron Sport. Limited addition of 500 is available at the company’s headquarters in Molsheim.

Long awaited creation was presented on the March 5th La Voiture Noire the most expensive new car Ever. These luxury customized “toy” seem too expensive to have and impossible to take the eyes from. The technology and advancements went so far that it looks just perfect! The full-width LED brake light strip makes the unique hypercar seem wider than it already is and just below illumination sign of “Bugatti” reminds you what you’re looking at. At the front, the horseshoe grille is more pronounced than ever before and above it the sleek LED headlights extend on top of the wheel arches. Handcrafted carbon fiber body reminds of the special Divo model but is of the exclusively new level. Moreover, it has the same quad-turbo W16 8.0-liter engine with 1,500 horsepower and 1,600 Newton-meters (1,180 pound-feet) of torque as the Chiron, Chiron Sport, and Divo.

La Voiture Noire – is the reminiscence of the icon and the reflection of pioneering spirit, passion for perfection and proof of redefined limits. In the past, those values were embraced in Type 57 SC Atlantic – pure elegance and sophistication. According to professionals, La Voiture Noire is a modern interpretation of Jean Bugatti’s (eldest son of the founder Ettore Bugatti) personal type 57 SC Atlantic that got lost during the World War II – today is the most expensive car ever sold! The president of Bugatti, Stephan Winkelmann said that the car was sold to “Bugatti enthusiast” for $18.68M (including taxes). The mystery of the premier that no one could see the interior of the car. It is hidden in the official gallery too. There is an assumption based on the price that the cabin has considerable changes compared to Chiron and Divo. It is obvious, BUGATTI is bringing the speed, technology, luxury and aesthetics of an icon into a new era. However, it is better one time to see that 100 times to hear. Enjoy the video and the photos of a manifesto of the BUGATTI aesthetic and a piece of automotive haute couture!

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