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22 Jul

7 secrets of strong& healthy friendship

Happy Sunday, dear Readers,

With the time we usually understand ourselves and life on a deeper level. We start to appreciate and value true friendship, positive vibes, loyal and honest people and good coffee.  Human kindness, integrity, empathy, honors and giving care and love is still a great rarity in XXIst century. The number of real friends reduces dramatically and only few remain precious throughout the life.

We usually try to find the reasons in external environment and by blaming other factors and/or people – we often overlook the cause of it.Nevertheless the emotions, reactions and answers that we get from other people are usually the reflections and results of our own thoughts and attitudes. Therefore it is important first of all, to become a good friend to yourself. The questions that you might ask are: how to do it, how to build friendly relations so that they are strong and healthy? I will open 7 secrets of my own how to build and carry on having the same friends throughout the life.

The first and the most important in any relationship of various levels is to really listen to the person while he/she is talking to you. It seems to be very easy, but the majority of us are not present at the moment when someone else is expressing the feelings. For the strong friendship I would recommend you to be an active listener – it means listening with a great care and attention in order to understand what your friend is saying and feeling. That way in your relationship there will be no understatement and misunderstanding.

Another very important element of friendship is respect. In fact, if you have already established friendly relations, most likely the appreciation already exists and over time it is important not to lose it. I believe that in any person something for which you can admirehim/her for can be found. I would suggest centering on admiring the merits and strength rather than focusing on shortcomings and weaknesses.

It is crucial to know how to keep secrets that someone told you. That way you will become a reliable friend and try to maintain this reputation and trust. In addition, the ability to keep secrets of your friends or anyone, who had presented you a high-level of trustcharacterizes you as a valuable person, and preventsmany potential troubles.

Be honest with your friends and try not to deceivethem, even if you think that this can be advantages to you. Lying in the long term will become obvious, and the trust between you might be lost. In that case it will be very difficult to recover. Relationships without faithhave a short lifetime.

One more vital skill for a healthy friendship is the ability to forgive. Friendly relations in which there are no resentments, quarrels and conflicts do not exist. However it is important to learn to forgive and forget all negative images and bad things. It is like throwing away the garbage and moving forward in the relationship. Try to release your heart from anxiety, anger, offense and blames – always forgive your friendsand people.

Finding time to have fun or give a hand of help to your friends is another proof of care. Friendship is about giving and investing without counting on receiving back will last longer. Therefore, even on busy days or long trips find free minutes to at least just call or write a message with a little note or a wish of a good day. I communicate with my friends daily in the gratitude to the SM. As well as I try to plan trips and time with them on a weekly and monthly basis.

In addition, always remain yourself and only by being real, you represent value, as a person. Falsity and insincerity can destroy even the strongest relationships. I would recommend you building the relationship with close people without masks. Kindness, love, understanding, honesty and care are the fundamental principles for the long and healthy friendship!

Thanks for reading me