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19 Oct

West Coast vs. East Coast?

Dear Readers,

Continuing the topic of dream cities, today I would like to talk about one of the worldwide most desired dream city known as the place of angels – Los Angeles. I will compare it to the New York City that I have been discussing in my previous post. However, I will add new dimensions to it and compare 2 cities of the same country that seem to be not only geographically but also mentality wise extremely different and division between East and West Coasts is truly incredible. This cold war between the two parts of the same country has been going for a long time.

The main intention of my post is to give you the hints and answer the question: where life is better in the noisy New York or sunny Los Angeles? NY and LA are the two most known cities of the United States. West Coast (California state) is represented by Los Angeles. When you think about it the first thing that comes to your mind is Hollywood, celebrities, warm weather, great views. East Coast – busy NY, with snowy cold winters, modern architecture and best shopping ever! The diversity of cultures and people with radically different values, norms, and living styles are combined together here in both of them.

Although every New Yorker in a polite conversation will say that he dreams one day to move to LA. He/she appreciates and believes in better opportunities in New York. However, LA is not just a megalopolis, but a rather combined name of a dozen small towns, regions and surrounding neighborhoods. Surviving in a place like this without personal transport is almost impossible. Due to that nearly each of the four millions of locals having a car and that is why you cannot avoid traffic issues. In New York, the situation is different. Only taxi drivers and residents of neighboring New Jersey have cars. The main urban transport is the metro. So only those, who know how to navigate the map of the subway and are able to quickly adapt and find an alternative route during repair of stations can survive. The metro is open 24 hours a day and can take you to the most distant suburbs.

Lifestyle is very different in these two cities. LA inhabitants do not like haste and appreciate natural products. Here everyone knows about detox, cold-pressed juices and the benefits of goji berries. People love to spend time in the fresh air and prefer casual style to business. New massage centers, yoga & meditation studios regularly appear in the city, they specialize in aromatherapy and healing with crystals. Moreover, it is not the last cry for the help of a banker driven by the work, but more a part of the urban subculture. Golden tan, leggings, and sneakers are the main attributes of the daytime wardrobe of an LA resident.

In NY, things are different. If we recall the neurotic character of Woody Allen, a typical New Yorker, then everything will become clear. The city lives in an eternal rush, a new cup of coffee begins, when the previous one is not finished yet. The feeling that the next meeting will save the fate of humanity from imminent death is with you the whole day. This way of life is fully reflected in the appearance of the city people. The main characteristics of a genuine New Yorker are a pale skin and a noticeable emaciated face from the constant overwork.

However, the glory of Hollywood does not give much rest either, which is why young people from all over the world come to this city in hopes of success. As a result, LA gained the fame of a city where few people have full-time jobs. Here people rather are plying between successful projects and waiting for the only chance to get to the world of Olympus film industry. Although according to UCLA research (University of California, Los Angeles), only 3% of the population of Los Angeles work in the cinema industry. Contrary in NY the situation is different. When you have a high-paying job, your future becomes clear and understandable, but this is not enough. You still need to prove that you are doing something worthwhile. New Yorkers are not surprised by the formation of Ivy League University and work in an advanced international company.

Weather. Don’t even try to blame the weather in LA since it will not work. Of course, the myth of “300 days of sunshine a year” cannot be applied to the entire district of Los Angeles. But this does not change the fact that it is very comfortable to live here all year round. Some criticize the lack of seasons. However, it is not quite so. Many trees, as in 4 season’s climates shed their red and yellow leaves in the fall. Magnolias and cherry blossoms bloom, however, in February, not in spring. I myself have long defended the fact that it is better to live in a place where there are all four seasons. However, in the end, resigned and acknowledged that the winter is still better to watch during the holidays.

In New York, there is a real snowy winter. The seasons change each other in the usual way. Late spring and early autumn – the best time of year to travel to New York. There is no strong summer heat, and no need to hide from the dank winter wind. People say about the weather in those two cities the following: “When in New York it is forty degrees, in Los Angeles it is twenty-two. When New York is below zero, LA is still twenty-two. ”
It is also believed that while New York is rising, Los Angeles is growing in breadth. In LA, people have to spend more and more hours in cars, and in New York, they are increasingly paying for small rooms. In New York, you become part of the urban ecosystem, where concrete structures seamlessly intertwine with high-tech parks and public gardens. The High Line Park is my favorite example of a modern city park. It was built on an abandoned overhead metro line, giving a new life to the whole neighborhood of New York.

Los Angeles is different. The city sprawls in hilly terrain between the ocean and the mountains. LA is in a zone of high seismic activity. Earthquakes occur about two hundred times a year. For these reasons, mayors seriously restrict new constructions. It is forbidden to build high-rise buildings in most parts of the city. As well as building a new house in the hills can be a big problem. As a result, the city adapts to the surrounding nature but does not change it. Reserves are moving into settlements, parks – into residential areas and different parts of the city are connected by the concrete net of freeways.

In order to understand whether LA or NY is a better place for you, I would suggest staying in each for a week at least. The coin has two sides and it is up to you to decide. Shoot for the stars, open your limits, discover yourself!

Thanks for reading me