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15 Mar

PFW headline: the last creation of Karl Lagerfeld …

Dear Reader,

This March, Paris Fashion Week had a memorable taste to its prêt-a-porter Autumn 2019/Winter 2020 collection. So-called “last show” of CHANEL from Karl Lagerfeld finalized the Fashion Week in Paris. Grand Palais as a distant mountain village with multiple Swiss-style chalets was silent. The true legend of the XXth and XXIst century fashion history has accomplished his mission. Rows of wooden chalets with smoking pipes, artificial snow and mountains created the atmosphere of winter and gave a feeling of universe tranquility. The highest rank models, celebrities and other VIPs came to see the last true ambassador of French elegance creation. Every project of Karl Lagerfeld has his own particular touch full of meaning, style, and beauty.

This new collection was the accumulation of everything: the pats, the present and the future of the fashion Chanel House. That was represented by the extreme, from the favorite shades of the iconic tweed suits to modern down-padded coats in ultra-bright and rich colors. This collection was created in collaboration with the successor of Lagerfeld, Virginie Viar, who had been his right hand for over 30 years and introduced a lot of iconic things of the brand. In the future season, the absolute leader from Chanel will be tweed with a goose footprint in different shades.

However, the prevailing silhouette is oversized: flared trousers, long coats, down jackets and capes. Among the mostly dark color palettes, there was a stream of tender, completely white images, including feather mini-skirts resembling snowballs, in which the ambassador Penelope Cruz and Lagerfeld’s favorite Kaya Gerber appeared. Spectacular lapels, voluminous knit tails, fur boots, pearls, embroidery from glass beads and gold vinyl are in the line full of remarkable details worthy of the level of haute couture.

The magnificence and perfection of the clothes reflected­­­­ the skills and talents of its departed creative director. I believe anyone who knows about CHANEL heard the name of Karl Lagerfeld associated with it. The genius of fashion and style, he used to call himself “the brand”. Mr. Lagerfeld was highly recognizable and respected fashion influencer due to his talent and devotion of his life to mode. At the age of 14, he came to Paris from his hometown Hamburg with the mission of devoting his life to the creation of the cloth and he accomplished it on the 19th of February, 2019. His story is amazing and full of important events. Before becoming creative director of Chanel House he also has worked with Balmain for 3 years and he got the job by winning the “Best Coat Design” (1954).  The logo of Fendi was created by Lagerfeld and he cooperated with the brand actually longer with Chanel (50 years) and many others. Along with being professional of high rank, he was also a diverse persona, whose interests ranged from reading to creating art pieces and photography.

Karl Lagerfeld left an indelible mark in the history of Chanel and in the history of fashion in general. This was confirmed by the tearful, prolonged nonstop applauses during the final release of the models for the song of David Bowie “Heroes”. Although the Hero of the event will not come out anymore his steps in the world’s fashion history and our hearts will live forever!


Thanks for reading me