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28 Oct

Oversize denim jacket – fashionable looks 2018!

Oversize denim jacket - fashionable looks 2018!

Dear Reader,

A denim jacket is a significant element of the base wardrobe, which will always be fashionable, relevant and in demand, disregarding the tendencies and trends.
The special feature behind the word “oversize” is that the clothing of “a really big cut”- these are voluminous things that seem to be quite baggy. People, who are not interested in fashion, may think that a person wearing oversize item has picked up the wrong size and the cloth is too big for you. However, those who are in fashion and have the sense of style understand the taste and comfort of the “oversize” clothes.

In an oversize jacket, everything is thought of up to the smallest detail and only some elements are enlarged. They are back, fronts, sleeves, and lapels. It does create a voluminous look and excludes the feeling of an oversize for its owner.

In 2018 alike in previous years the designers offer a large selection of denim jackets. You can choose jeans jacket according to your figure, age, and lifestyle. There is a variety of choice: classic denim jacket with buttons, golf – a model with a collar, zipper and elastic bands at the waist, complemented by cuffs, baseball type jacket with buttons, can stand out with contrasting sleeves, warm jacket with fur collar, leather biker jacket or a denim blazer. In addition, short versions of jackets are also in trend – slim cut and/or relaxed fit. Designers are creating jackets in different sewing techniques, colored, lightened, scuffed, intentionally aged, and painted in bright or muted colors. It is really up to your choice!

What to wear with “oversized” denim jacket? Being the basic element of the wardrobe, I would suggest complementing it with anything from pants and/or jeans to skirts and dresses of diverse colors and styles. It is better not to overdo with accessories, and glasses, a hat, a scarf and a minimum of jewelry are advisable. For a short jacket with a girl-doll style dress of rich colors and/or made in pastel shades will look winning. Such set will have the especially tempting look with followed sleeves of the jacket and stylish sneakers.

Sleeveless jacket or jacket with short sleeves will perfectly go with the top with thin straps matched with tight-fitting trousers or trendy jeans will complement the overall look of the ensemble. The combination of a pencil skirt with a light shirt and a denim jacket draped over your shoulders will give you a sensual look. I would suggest wearing pointed high-heeled shoes with it.

Pants, T-shirt without prints, rhinestones, flounces, and other decorations, men’s shoes, oversize denim jacket are the perfect look for every day. In case you have a date and you need to look feminine and gentle. A romantic look with the help of big blue jeans jacket can be reached too. Emphasize the elegance of the female figure can be a light lace dress, worn under the jacket and shoes without high heels. That will create a fragile and unprotected silhouette that on the other side will be seductive and sexy.

Moreover, denim oversize can even be a great outfit for work, since not every workplace sets a strict dress code. However, even in this case, I would suggest looking decent, old and proven trick – white top and dark bottom. This image can be complemented with an oversize denim jacket and comfortable sneakers.

So “oversize” jeans jacket is the key item in our autumn wardrobe that will protect us from cold, wind, serve as the sexy and fashionable and comfortable outfit that will contribute to our style!

Thanks for reading me