For the shoe lovers: luxury boutique in Vienna.

For the shoe lovers: luxury boutique in Vienna.

For lovers of shoes, good quality and luxury.

Dear Reader,

New Year is the magic time of changes and transformation. The start of a new cycle, formation of the fresh ideas, wishes and aims. As a fashion influencer, I believe that clothes we wear show our positioning and represent our message to the outer world. Appropriate image is an important contribution to any target that will ease the reach! How to start the creation of a new look? From where to start and what is important? As a reminder the fashion formula consists of: the base wardrobe +outwear & shoes + details (accessories).

Today I am happy to announce that I am opening new rubric – best shops around the world! And I believe it is vital to start with one of the most important elements of any look – shoes. The first thing that people pay attention to when they see you the first time is your shoes! Therefore it is really a must to have good quality, expensive and comfortable shoes. So where and how to start the search? The findings of “Your” brands and shops are the solution and the key to your fashionable look and success!

I would highly recommend you to visit one of the best shoe shops in Europe – Dinnes boutique . Located in the historic heart of Vienna – this cozy and chic place has a great range of world’s famous luxurious brands and designers.  DINNES as a premier fashion luxury retailer has really a lot to offer including matching accessories. The customer service representatives are the fashion professionals, who speak various languages and have the solution for every individual. The exclusiveness and customer orientated approach of this shop start from the design concept of 2 French designers Jerry Pellerin and Kevin and finish with the light and coloring psychology to please and welcome the guests. Being a shoe lover, when I am in Vienna, I always come to Dinnes boutique! I feel welcomed and it is easy to find exclusive and trendy pieces of art here, be that – shoes, handbags or other creative details.

I love this luxury fashion brands boutique for everything starting from the beautiful owner – Innes Dudakova, who is the x-model with an excellent taste and deep understanding of the style and fashion. I highly recommend you to visit this modern and warm boutique to treat yourself. Please follow the link here to learn and see more:

Love yourself, be the best version of yourself in the luxury shoes from Dinnes Boutique!


Thanks for reading me

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