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16 Mar

Courchevel: ski time, luxury hotels and good restaurants!

Courchevel: ski time, luxury hotels and good restaurants!

Taking time out to enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature is one of the best ways to spend your free time. It avails the opportunity to connect with your inner self, relax body, spirit and soul. As well as it serves as a great networking place, where you can meet old and new people from different works of life.

There are so many places around the world which offer these life-changing experiences, where you can unwind, have fun, relax, and make new friends. However, my favorite is the luxurious Courchevel resort, which is located in the country of France.

The composition of the resort is layered depending on the height. It is made up of five towns namely: the Courchevel 1650 (also known as The Moriond, La Tania, Courchevel 1300 (also known as The Le Praz), Courchevel 1550 and of course Courchevel 1850 which has now been renamed as the Courchevel.


If you are a lover of skiing, then Courchevel is a first-rate ski resort, which has a variety of pistes for skiers of different categories: the beginners, intermediates and advanced skiers. The Courchevel resort has a wide snow terrain, which ranges from 1350m to 2738m altitude.

The beginner skiers have the Jardin Alpin bubble and Verdons bubble areas all to themselves, without having a run in with other well-knowledgeable skiers. The intermediate skiers have Biollay and Pralong area (which has a mixture of red and blue snow pistes),Folyeres, and the Creux to do their thing.

While the masters of the skiing game have the challenging Grand Couloir, the Saulire, and the Suisse, to have the skiing of their life.

For first time skiers, Courchevel has three ski schools, where you can learn how to ski excellently within the duration of your stay. These ski schools have about700 instructors, over 200 well-spread pistes, and lots of ski lifts which are available and efficient in transporting skiers across the Courchevel hills.


Asides from the skiing fun, there is other off the pitch fun side of Courchevel: there are superb shopping, accommodation, and other places. From the hotels I would recommend staying at Cheval Blanc hotel is not available for kids. However outstanding spa and best gastronomic restaurant (very limited space though only 5 tables, book in advance) make it a desired place to stay in. In case you are staying with kids, I would recommend K2 hôtel, it has a lot of playrooms. I would also take into consideration Hotel Les Airelles – it is the best family & friends hotel. As well as it has a magnificent lunch buffet, amazing interior, and the best service!

Courchevel has lots of simple restaurants, which offer a variety of meals from pizzas to local French Italian, British, American, and European cuisines. I would recommend Nammos Resto you are in the mountains, mainly for lunch.  There are also pubs and bars for men and women who love the high and funky life

 Nightlife in Courchevel is total fun, as you will experience the best of your specialty there. If you are the quiet solo drinker or a loud party animal, Courchevel has pubs and bars such as Funky Fox, Caterail, Le Tremplin, and Mangeoire, that will cater to your nightly needs.

Shopping in Courchevel is a social and luxurious affair, with lots of stores housing lots of famous and trendy designer products. You will find the likes of Fendi, Chanel, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Dior there.  If you are aiming to shop luxuriously and fashionably, then Courchevel will never let you down with her high-class stores for accessories, ski-wears, shoes, and casuals.

Other fascinating features that can be enjoyed in Courchevel include Ice skating, bowling, Movies at the cinema, Spas and Yoga exercises, Snowmobiling, Paragliding, and lots of other fun-filled activities that would make your vacation a fun-filled and memorable one.

Think of Paris in winter, and think of Courchevel!

Thanks for reading me