Gucci is back to fashion

Gucci was cool. The small emblem that was present on every garment was coveted by all that could and all that wanted it. But, by the early 2000’s Gucci was passé. It represented a time in fashion when the industry was moving forward, but the creativity behind the brand had gotten stale. Tom Ford was the last designer to revive the house of Gucci before it fell into predictability. Then, after almost a decade, in 2015 Gucci appointed Alessandro Michele, a seemingly unknown designer to be the brand’s new creative director. He was able to transform the brand from something that used to hang in your mother’s closet, to something you would want to buy yourself.
This new rebranding can be most clearly seen by the new handbag collection. The new “GG Supreme Canvas Shoulder Bag” is embroidered with anything from lightning bolts with lips, to hummingbirds, to snakes—and trust me that is one snake I wouldn’t mind being bitten by. The new collection embodies the traditional form of the Gucci bag, with a new flare. The metal hardware on the horseshoe and the delicate embroidery make it an easy transition piece between day and night and winter to spring. My favorite bag in the new collection is the “Dionysus Chain Mini Python Evening Bag” in gold. This delicate yet eye-catching piece embodies the very core of fashion. The tiger head spur closure is embedded with Swarovski crystals, and the bag itself is an exquisite bronze color. Although the bag is very elegant the thick metallic chain shoulder strap gives the bag an edge.

Although the weather is seemingly unpredictable in New York, one thing this is predictable this fashion season is that the new Gucci bag is the ultimate staple in my closet. Is it yours as well? If not, comment below and let me know what is!

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  1. After your article, I searched my closet for the old Gucci bag. It’s 2000′ years when I was in love with Gucci and sure I will find some great pieces.
    Thank you for your blog! I love to read it!

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