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15 Jul

Thursday Chelsea Gallery Nights

Thursday Chelsea Gallery Nights

As much as I love museums, sometimes the informality of galleries are more exciting. The downtown area of Chelsea is an art hub, filled with hundreds of different contemporary art galleries all within the same mile. I often stop by on my way to a meeting or when grabbing lunch with friends. A quick 10-minute pop-in is enough to see a sliver of creativity and passion during a time where everything in our culture seems to be disposable.
One of my favorite hidden gems in New York is held on Thursday nights in the summer. It is a time when many Chelsea art galleries have extended evening hours and instead of closing at five or six they close at 8pm. These extra few hours are a great time to stop by because both the gallery owners and artists are often there. The spaces are buzzing with art connoisseurs and the constant clinking of wine glasses creates a warm ambience that further highlights the beauty of the work on display. My favorite gallery to visit is the Ceres Gallery located on 547 west 27th st, right in the heart of Chelsea. It is part of a large building that holds close to 30 separate galleries with an array of different art. Many galleries within the building participate in extended hours on Thursday nights so there are many different galleries to consider.

Next time, instead of grabbing a pre-dinner drink I would recommend to stop by a Chelsea gallery before dinner. But, don’t forget to make up for those happy-hour drinks later in the night 😉

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