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25 Jun



The best kind of party is one where you can enjoy yourself and make others around you feel the same way. Last week I had the pleasure of throwing my daughter a birthday party at the Lotte New York Palace Hotel. It was a beautiful setting for a very important occasion. This space came to mind when I realized that it was the main setting for the show Gossip Girl. My daughter invited all her friends and for me it was an excuse to invite all of mine as well! And, what better reason to wear a beautiful gown than that?

I wore a teal and black Elie Saab dress with gold detailing on the top. The bottom of the dress flared out and gave it volume without distracting from the intricate designs. I felt like a modern day princess and while I was happy with my look, I was smiling the whole night not because of how the party turned out but because every time I turned around I saw a big smile on my daughter’s face; that’s when I knew it. I knew that regardless of what I’m wearing, her smile is what will make me feel the happiest and the most beautiful.

Fitzerald put it best, “I like large parties. They’re so intimate. At small parties there isn’t any privacy”.

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