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27 Jan

Valentino Fashion Jumpsuit and Playsuit

Playing mood with colors, this is a one piece jumpsuit from Valentino. Fluid silk is the chicest way to wear printed color, and Valentino know this better than anyone. The modern hue is made elegant with the sweeping, wide-leg silhouette. Button waist and zipper back . Valentino‘s stunning  jumpsuit comes in a different shapes and forms printed colors . Once we walk  it attracts the eyes of the people as we can see a garment fashioned details. Must-Haves on the world’s largest fashion today.Fabulous black Valentino coat over my shoulder is a perfect detail to keep me warm.
Classy and elegant I always feel when I wear Valentino. One peace jumpsuit Valentino very classy but once we open the bottoms it gives us more casual and sexy look …
The compliments I get, keeps me warm even when it is cold out)
Looking tasteful by keeping it simple in terms of make-up and jewelry. Valentino jumpsuit makes a statement by itself.
Comfy and beautiful what more we need ?)

15.01.27_Lifestyle_Brown jumpsuit_01-4



15.01.27_Lifestyle_Brown jumpsuit_05




15.01.27_Lifestyle_Brown jumpsuit_02


15.01.27_Lifestyle_Brown jumpsuit_01


15.01.27_Lifestyle_Brown jumpsuit_01-2