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30 Nov

THANKSGIVING GIVEAWAY from Lenlenstyle in corporation with FEMME LUXE, London

THANKSGIVING GIVEAWAY from Lenlenstyle in corporation with FEMME LUXE, London

Dear Reader,

Today I am happy to announce the winners of the Thanksgiving Giveaway! Wonderful dresses from the Femmeluxefinery were presented to the @priyanka.thapa, @jaspreet.k.brar, and @mariabuchwal.

However, in order to get stylish dresses from @femmeluxefinery & #Luxegal, those fashionistas had to answer different questions about fashion and style that I have been posting on my Instagram page three days in a row. The majority of the answers could have been found in my blog, here). The Thanksgiving Giveaway dates were: Sunday – the 18th of November, Monday – the 19th of November and Tuesday the 20th of November. 3 days – 3 questions, the winners were announced on the 22nd of November on the Thanksgiving date! After that 48 hours were given to claim the present and yesterday all the lucky winners have received their deserved awards. I have contacted all of the girls and asked them about the giveaway and the dresses, below are the quotes from all of them. As well as I will give my comments & suggestions for each dress and what it is best to wear with.

Priyanka: “A friend of mine told me about this wonderful giveaway and I did not expect to win. I am truly happy to receive a warm and stylish dress as a present on such a special day. I am thankful to my friend, #lenlenstyle for the organization and to #Luxegal, @femmeluxefinery for an awesome gift. It really made my day! The quality of the dress is impressive, it is cozy and trendy – I love it! Thank you, everyone!”
Priyanka is the winner of Black Cable Knit Jumper Dress – Winter Collection:

Priyanka, this dress is perfect for winter and it will keep you warm. The universal black color gives you the choice of wearing it daily as a cable knit jumper dress on top of the high-rise slim pants. Moreover, figure-hugging fabric and cable knit detail create a statement from day to night dress. I would suggest to team it up with some chic over the knee boots, for a totally chilled vibe.

Maria: “I love presents and I always search for the giveaways on Instagram. I was very glad to find lenlenstyle giveaway before the Thanksgiving Day! Since I do believe in miracles I was hoping to win a dress. I do a lot of visualizations and meditations, so I went to the website and looked for the collections and dresses that they have. I was really happy that every day lenlenstyle had different questions and links for the dresses that way I had a choice. My favorite color is white, so I have hoped to get the Cream Bodycon Long Sleeve Jumper Dress, and I did! I was amazed when the results were announced. The dress itself is of a good quality, warm and multifunctional – you can wear it with on top of the pants as the long sweater or as a separate dress. I really appreciate that gift. Thank you #lenlenstyle and @femmeluxefinery, #Luxegal.”
Maria got the following dress:

This cream Bodycon Long Sleeve Jumper Dress will keep your autumn styling looking hot as it can be this season, Maria. With the luxe figure-hugging fit and long sleeves, this hot jumper dress is an essential in your Autumn/Winter 2018 wardrobe. I would suggest to wear it over the tide black, silver, green or any color jeans or/pants for a daily look. By teaming this hot jumper mini dress up with some over the knee boots – this look will become a perfect night out styling. Metallic accessories will help to take this affordable jumper dress to the next level.

Jaspreet: “I have participated in this giveaway thanx to my friend, who mentioned me in the comments. I did not expect to win. I have answered the question about the favorite brand of the Fashion Influencer #lenlenstyle and it was right! Well, I really did not expect it to be true. I have participated in giveaways before and there was a great competition. Therefore, it was really unexpected for me. Yesterday, I have received a wonderful Button Detail, Wrap Dress. Thank you!”
Jaspreet got this dress:

Dear Jaspreet, this dress with its luxe black coloring and perfect button detailing this wrap-effect dress will become essential in your autumn/winter 2018 wardrobe. I would suggest you wear this hot dress with some lace-up heels for the magic night out style. Alternatively, you can wear it with perspex heels and metallic accessories for a Christmas night look.

I am glad that this spontaneous cooperation with brought joy and fashion delight to those wonderful ladies. In such moments I realize that life is about giving and that why it is called a PRESENT! Be happy, be fashion, there will be more follow me on Instagram #lenlenstyle, #Influencer, #Personalshopper.


Thanks for reading me

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