smart casual

Of all the dress codes, nothing scares people more than “smart casual”.

Casual is so subjective. It’s also aligned to behavior. To some people it means taking off your jacket, to others it means taking off your shoes.

Casual could mean jeans and loafers, or it could also realistically be interpreted as trackies and a t-shirt. But the inclusion of the word “smart” changes the game. The fact that the dress code was stated means you should look like you care at least a little.

For women however, the smart casual dress code is tricky. Not as tricky as what to wear to a trivia night at an upmarket Chinese restaurant but that’s another story, and potentially, an entirely new dress code that needs to be articulated.

Smart casual for women is not so much about what to wear as what pieces should, or shouldn’t be worn together. For example, jeans with thongs is casual, jeans with a pretty sandal is smart casual. Shorts and thongs are casual; the same shorts with a wedge and a tailored jacket are smart casual.

If the basic piece is simple, i.e. jeans, shorts ( not too skimpy), a denim skirt, a sundress, then it is well chosen accessories that will class it up. Statement earrings or a bright necklace, designer sandals, a silky blouse.

If it is winter then opt for an overcoat rather than an anorak or parka. A tweed sports jacket may take the place of a blazer and may be worn with cords or old-fashioned cavalry twill.

For ‘formal’ smart casual events women should aim to be smart in a dress or skirt and top with a jacket or smart cover-up.Avoid wearing denim, unless it is immaculate and balanced with a tailored jacket and smart accessories. Also avoid high heels and wearing suits, as they look like business clothes.

Women wearing ‘informal smart casual’ should dress for the time of day and the season. However, too much tailoring and heels can also look wrong

Grey sweater and skirt is an easy match …)

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