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17 Jan

Fingerless Gloves/Mitaines/Half gloves will keep you warm and trendy

Fingerless Gloves/Mitaines/Half gloves will keep you warm and trendy

Dear Reader,

As the winter continues, it is important to protect your hands and one of the best ways to do so is by using Fingerless gloves that are both functional and trendy. Mitaines (from French) – a pair of gloves with their fingers “cut off” at varying lengths, keep hands warm and protect without hindering the movement of the fingers.

Initially, fingerless gloves derived from the classical version for the purpose of doing the type of works that required the movement of the fingers. However, in the 18-19th centuries, mitaines served more as a fashionable and esthetical accessory rather than functional. It is hard to pinpoint the exact moment when they started to appear. However, its popularity peaked in the middle of 80th. The main two types that were commonly used are simply knitted mitts and lace ones. The length of them varied from the short, to the middle of the arm, or even the elbow. Today fingerless gloves are widely used by man and woman. Sportsman: bikers, cyclists, sailors, fighters, fashinatas’ and many others love this vital attire detail that is blended with meaning.

There are various types of half-gloves. They are leather (my favorite), laced, knitted and woolen.  The most common and widely used is a leather half-gloves. They are worn by drivers, bikers, marksmen and other cool people who need some hand protection, but finger dexterity is important. Black leather gloves (optionally decorated with rivets, studs and other metal fittings that turn a glove into a kind of brass knuckle) are also loved by Goths, punks, metalworkers and other informal people who borrowed this accessory, like black leather outfit, from bikers. In reality, leather gloves without fingers definitely a sign of toughness. However, gold, silver or any other color as well as decorations make this hard element a fashion accessory.

Laced half-gloves serve mainly as a fashionable ladies accessory, covering the hand, but showing rings and manicure. Black lace gloves are loved by elegant gothic individuals. Contrary white and/or cream are suitable for angel-like inguenu.

Knitted or/and woolen half-gloves are the most practical and clean option. They are worn mainly for heat, and are loved for this by the representatives of the urban bottom.

Half-gloves can be of a various length, types, materials and shapes. They are widely used in the show and entertainment industries and are loved by many cultures and its popularity is rising worldwide due to the comfort of using touch screens in the cold rooms and seasons. I love mitaines too and consider them an important element of showing your mood and character. Be bold, be seen, stay warm!


Thanks for reading me

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