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26 Jul

Essential Tips on caring for Jewelry

ear Readers,

I believe that most of you are enjoying the summer and are not too stressed on the threshold of the longest lunar eclipse of the century that will be this Friday. Nevertheless, today I want to talk with you about the precious objects and treasures that make our look bright and outstanding. As you might have guessed already I will be talking about the jewelry with valuable stones and/or metals.

Routines, like washing and ironing your cloth, grooming your shoes, taking care of your bags and other accessories are vital for the perfect appear. In addition, it is critical to take care and keep your jewelry in a proper way of sustaining its qualities and exterior. So there are some basic things that you should take into consideration when wearing jewelry.

First of all, you should always keep in mind that jewelry is a treasure it requires handling it with care as a fragile good to avoid mechanical damage and try not be lazy to store it in a proper way that I will describe in conclusion. External environment: sun rays, water, temperature, especially heat in summer may damage the appearance of the gold, silver and/or precious stones. Cosmetics, perfumes, hand oil, natural skin fat and/or any kind of cream can cause surface stains of the precious metals. Therefore I would highly recommend to remove all jewelry or not to wear during any physical activities, spa treatments, saunas, masks, any housework and during the night time.

Gold Jewelry: before putting on or removing the jewelry wipe it with a special microfiber, flannel or suede cloth. The decoration from small dirt can be cleaned at home in a soapy solution with ammonia in the proportion of 5-10 drops of alcohol per glass of water. After that rinse the jewelry with clean warm water and dry it with the special cloth from the materials described above. In case of strong and hard stains, you can place the items in the glass of water with detergent for the entire day. However, select the liquid that does not contain components that adversely may affect the precious metal. Another old way of shine restoration is rubbing the onion juice into the item.  As well as make sure to wear gloves and this process is quite long (at least 60 min.) and unpleasant. Nevertheless, it is effective and free, after the procedure, rinse properly with water and dry the article. Keep in mind that gold is the metal and it might have a chemical reaction with any of the components. I clean my gold jewelry every time after wearing it by placing it into a glass of cold salty water over the night. That cleans the metal and the negative energy of others that you might gather during the period of wearing it. After that, I rinse the items, dry it and store in a proper way.

Silver jewelry is even more sensitive than any other products made from precious metals. Silver is known to be the pure mental that does not catch negative vibes but it loses its shine very fast. Therefore, you should take a special care of this metal on a regular base. I would suggest using a soft dense fabric (microfiber/flannel) to clean silver items. More aggressive cleaning compounds are unacceptable because they adversely affect the decorative coating, e.g. rhodium-plating, etc. The surface of a dark plaque can be washed in warm soapy water and cleaned with a soft cloth napkin moistened with ammonia. After cleaning, the jewelry should always be rinsed in clean warm water and dried. Please note that this method should not be used to clean ornaments with a decorative blackened coating. In addition, silver, like no other metal, needs to be cleaned with special care products, called jewelry cosmetics. They are sold in stores and specially designed for products.

Special treatment for the diamond jewelry is needed as well despite its fantastic optical and physical properties. Shine and play of light brightness can be reduced by fatty or soap plaque.  It can be cleaned in warm water with an addition of soap in small quantity or shampoo. The stone can be gently cleaned with a soft brush not less than once in six months. The last procedure is to clean the item in the warm water and wipe with a soft cloth.

Another important factor is the storage of the jewelry and it deserves attention no less than cleaning it! Since even when you do not wear the product, it can lose its attractive appearance. Before going to bed items should be placed in a box, upholstered inside with a soft cloth, separately from each other. In order to avoid contacting items can be placed separately in small pouches of soft tissue (for example, microfiber or organza). Especially jewelry with semiprecious inserts should be stored only in the box. Due to contact with the sun rays, rain and other environmental factors they can lose their color. In addition, the jewel-case should be located away from heat sources, because high temperature negatively affects jewelry.

I believe that these tips will help your precious items to look and feel good. A graceful shine of the stones and metals will highlight your individuality and add to the integrity of your personality. As well as well-timed care will grant an extension of your jewelry lifetime and serve as a family symbol for your next generations!

Thanks for reading me