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19 Feb

Enjoy wild nature in emilio pucci

Enjoy wild nature in emilio pucci

Is there a piece that I can wear both at the office and to holiday events? ….Emilio Pucci

Who could resist the visual appeal of Emilio Pucci’s vibrant prints? This dress boasts a simple silhouette, featuring an elegant round neckline and head accessories matching with that as well as swimwear)


Lets go back to the history to refresh out memory about the Emilio Pucci’s Prints


Throughout the 1960s and ‘70s, Italian designer Emilio Pucci revolutionized the way the world interpreted women’s wear. His new approach to creating color palettes, his fresh take on bold geometric prints, and his focus on simple, unstructured silhouettes created his signature style full of vibrancy and life that transcends any time period. His classic creations are still in vogue and in high demand today.

“In fact, the label has never quite gone out of favor since it was launched by Italian playboy Emilio Pucci in 1948” . Not only does the Pucci brand continue to pay homage to this one-of-a-kind designer by continuing his vision of print and color, Pucci is widely referenced as inspiration for modern designers throughout the world. “The patterns get knocked off by everyone from H&M to Versace” .

In America as well, Pucci’s influence is still seen at every price level of fashion from the upscale designer creations of New York’s Anna Sui to the contemporary fast-fashion at department stores like Macy’s and the mass merchandise line of Mossimo that retails at Target Stores. Through his innovative colors, prints and silhouettes, Pucci continues to live on in every level of the American apparel industry .

Ready to start my day… by wearing all Emilio Pucci