Blizzard warning … Prepare for something worse that we have seen before… Juno!

It was predicted by US National Weather Service to be crippling and potentially historic blizzard. Snow hurricane… On Monday, we were wondering that the weather reports of Snowmageddon 2015 were slightly overblown. Warnings were coming from everywhere, please make sure that you have enough food, suppliers, any needed medication and be sure to check on your elderly neighbors… So of course Panic Shopping! There were a long lines at the supermarkets. As the New Yorkers can attest, the sole benefit of snowpolicalyptic, probably maybe record breaking is witnessing the absolute meltdown of the city’s agreed upon behavior- supermarkets are transformed into nightmarish war zones, replete with macabre scenes of endless lines and passive-aggressive side eye. To watch a pre-storm panic was impressive! Most of the groceries were out of bread and water! Even kids coming from school had a checklist what we need to be prepared for the worth!
It was an unprecedented step for what became, in New York City, a common storm: its 110- year history for the first time the subway system was shut down because of the snow.
New Yorkers woke up to a much lighter snowfall than had been predicted. Some were irritated, but some just headed to the Central Park.
All the hills were alive at the Central Park! With a sigh of relief, the sound of the subway and a lot less snow than expected, the city slowly turned to normal after 9am
To be honest , I weighed (you never know) but after 1pm… went to sled with a kids to the Central Park for the first time in New York, kids were able to dust off their flexible Flyers and hit the hills.
Central Park Sledding favorite spot for me today was 85th street entrance at the Fifth Avenue just next to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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