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8 Jan

Beauty tips for the winter…













Skin is one of our most important features… I have just returned from travelling and my skin encountered some very harsh winter conditions. I would like to share my tips on how to boost your skin during the winter…

Wind, humidity and cold all damage and dry the skin. Upon arriving home after a long day; there is a lot to do and we don’t have the energy to take care of our skin properly. Here are a few tips for quick recovery that will have your skin looking fabulous and healthy! The major plus is this is not at all expensive. Personally my skin is very sensitive and has a tendency towards allergies. I always need to be careful of the products I use so I can assure you if it works on me, it will for you too)))

This is the best way to achieve soft skin in the winter…

Once you are home and take a hot shower…wait 5 min; when your face is clean and warm use an instantpeel packet. Apply the cream to your face and massage it into the skin with your fingertips. This product works instantly removing dead skin cells. Your skin will look refreshed and healthy)!! The last step is to apply Yu-Be moisturizing cream (its concentrated glycerin and rich with vitamin E and vitamin B so it does have a comphor smell) but I can assure you that you will be happy with the result the next morning. It also helps your skin to look refreshed if you suffer from lack of sleep. Yu-Be moisturizing cream can also be used for the lips and hands; it works miracles for me!