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8 Jun

​How to choose the sunglasses for your face type!

​How to choose the sunglasses for your face type!
Good day, my dear Readers!

​​I hope that you have already started to enjoy the summer and today I would love to talk about my favorite accessory – the sunglasses. Although I am very practical with the composition of my wardrobe, I just adore sunglasses and literally have a pair for every day! I believe that that petitedetail protects our eyes from the sun lights and magically turns any ordinary look into a stylish one. As a connoisseur in this field I can assure you that fashion on sunglasses changes as often as the clothing trends and other accessories. I have realized that by looking at my last summer season collection and today it looks a little old-fashioned. Each year designers are creating new models by playing with forms, rims, shades, textures, decoration, etc to keep up the pace with the reality.

​​Summer of 2018 is full of various types of sunglasses from classical to futuristic models that are usually chosen by brave and bold teenagers. In order to avoid the regret of “super fashionable” sunglasses purchase there are several factors to take into consideration. Like shape/type of your face, color of your skin and how often you are planning to wear them. Recent trends of glasses will fit the majority of woman and men, so called “unisex” style sunglasses.  I would like to share with you the basic models that I usually buy. Nevertheless as I have mentioned before the best glasses are the ones that are customized for YOU!

​​There are some basic rules to remember when choosing the sunglasses individually for the best and harmonic look:

1. Glasses that placed on nasal bridge – visually enlarge the nose and on the middle of the nose – shorten it.
2. Color of the glasses and rims should match with your skin tone and hair color.
3. Advantageous when lower part of the trim is repeating the form of the eye pits (orbits).
4. Do not choose the sunglasses of the same form as your face. In case you have round/oval face chose the opposite forms of glasses like square, trapezium, etc.

There are 5 basic forms of faces: a square, a circle/round, atriangle, an oval and a long type. As well as there are some derivatives like heart-type (pentagon), diamond-type and oblong/elongated shapes (from the oval). In addition faces are typically divided into 2 groups – round (soft) and angular (sharp). Accordingly to the type you have the glasses should be chosen.

Square type face: Those who have heavy chin, I would recommend big and rounded sunglasses with bright or dark rims and wear them on the lower part of the nose.
When choosing glasses, you should avoid square frames, as well as miniature models of frames. Visually, the proportions of the square face can be balanced by using rounded frames (round, oval). They will soften the angularity, give softness to the face. “Aviators” type model will look good on you! For the square shape of your face the following would fit: round, oval, teardrop-shaped frames; “cat’s” frames; butterfly type; “aviators”;  sunglasses with decorations / patterns on the upper edge, on the sides and on the arches; glasses without rim; glasses with a color frame; the width of the frame should be equal to the width of the face. AVOID the following: rims are squared, with clear geometric shapes; the glasses are small, narrow, miniature; the rim of the glasses is wider than the face.

Round/circle type face: Those who have this type of face need to longer it to the oval type. So the sunglasses with wide arms of square or rectangular forms would be a great daily choice for you. The best choice would be the sharp-pointed sunglasses that visually guide the glance towards temple and as a result extend the face. I would recommend: square type with straight line frames, “butterfly”, “cat” type, frames with narrow straps, sunglasses with bright and decorated frames, with high and thin arms and trapezium form sunglasses. Try to avoid round forms, narrow frames and wide straps.

Oval type face: Nearly all types of sunglasses are suitable and the main thing is to choose the right size. Luckily, you have a great variety of choice from classical to extravagant. However try to avoid too massive and too small frames. I would recommend oval, rectangular and round frame forms, “cat”, “butterfly”, “aviators”/ “pilot” type sunglasses, which are characterized by dark, often mirror reflection glasses in the form of “drop. Try to avoid too massive and too wide frames. Ideally the width of frame should equal or be a little biggerthan the widest part of the face; the top line of the frame should match the eyebrow contour.

Triangle type face: Choose a frame that will eliminate the focus on the massive chin. To do this, select the sunglasses with a wider upper part (cat, geometric, “Aviators”). Sunglasses with a half frame, where the bottom rim is missing or transparent, will also be suitable. You can pick a frame in which the line of the eyebrows is underlined with a dark or bright color. The ideal would be the “cat eye” form and retro – the ones that are not making heavier or wider the lower part of the face. Try to avoid square forms of the negative side effect.

Long type face: The length of the face is much larger than the width; the lines are angular, the chin is slightly rounded or you have high forehead; cheekbones, forehead and jaws of equal width. The task of choosing a frame is to visually reduce the face and smooth out, soften the corners .The big size sunglasses of any form and rims will look good on you. However be careful by contrasting the thin form on the sunglasses your face might look even bigger. For the oblong form of the face, I would recommend: large, wide frames;“aviators”; square frames; oval, round, rectangular frames;colored, bright rims. AVOID for oblong face shape: glasses without rim and/or small frames and narrow rims.

Heart-type face: The heart-shaped form of the face has soft lines, the face gradually narrows from the forehead to the chin, and the cheekbones are usually outstanding. The length of the heart-shaped face is greater than its width, the chin is the narrowest part of the face, and the forehead is the widest part (or the same width with cheekbones). For the heart-shaped form of the face I would recommend:  rounded frames, round glasses; small frames; narrow jumper; low-set bow; focus onthe bottom line of points; glasses without rim; “aviators”; sunglasses of light neutral tones. AVOID: heavy, large frames; “cat’s” frames; glasses-butterflies, glasses-drops; wide jumper; focus on the side of the glasses; square glasses; sharp forms of glasses; bright colors of frames; glasses covering the eyebrows.

Diamond type face: The length of the face is slightly larger than the width and the chin is pointed. The widest part of the face is high cheekbones. The outline of the forehead and the chin are conical. The narrowest parts are the forehead and the lower jaw. The hair growth line is often uneven. The task is to visually narrow the cheekbones and widen the forehead to bring the shape of the face closer to the oval ideal. For a diamond-shaped face, I would recommend: square and oval frames; the frame is as wide as the cheekbones (no wider!);aviators”; soft forms, smooth lines of frames: round; rims slightly widened

downwards; the lower part of the glasses without rim.Please. AVOID: rims with sharp corners; rims wider than cheekbones; miniature and narrow frames.

I believe that sunglasses play a significant part in creation of your image. That is why the choice of such an accessory should be treated with all seriousness and care. I hope that the basic rules that I have shared with you will help you to stay trendy, stylish and beautiful despite the yearly fashion change!

Thanks for reading me