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26 May

Being in positive mood or how to control your emotions?

Being alive and limited by the human body we are experiencing a great range of feelings every second. They are the affect of external and internal factors that continuously influence us and we perceive them in two ways: by emotions or mood.

Emotion is an outcome in form of a biological reaction to a specific event. However it has short life nature and usually lasts from few seconds to several minutes. Based on a commonly-held belief there are 6 basic emotions of happiness, sadness, fear, anger, disgust and surprise. However new wave theory (research by Glasgow University) based on developed software programs indicates only 4 facial expressions where fear/surprise and anger/disgust have similar reaction.  Emotions are natural actions usually followed by distinct facial expressions. Children’s faces are the best representation of them. I believe that we are living in the world of emotions and facing them daily.

Mood is the state of mind that is derived from the emotions that we feel during a specific period of time. It is acause of something and is usually general and unclear. It has a long-term effect and is a result of the mixture of emotions that we feel during the day. However, it is cognitive in nature and is not indicated by any distinct expressions unlike emotions. Mood can last from several minutes to hours and even years (depression). Mood has positive and negative influence/affect on us followed by the actions. On one hand, positive mood dimensions are represented by depression, fatigue, boredom at the low end, known as low positive affect and enthusiasm, excitement, elation at the high end, known as high positive affect. On the other hand negative affect at the low end (low negative affect) is represented by contentedness, calmness and serenity and nervousness, stress, and anxiety at the high end (high negative affect). In reality positive moods are more common than negative moods and at zero input most people are in a mildly positive mood.

It is a known fact that emotions are vital and they help to understand the world around us. I believe that our behavior, way of life style and reactions to the outer world is based to some degree on emotions and feelings. We are living in the world of emotions and dealing with them daily. Some people experience certain moods and emotions more frequently than others and the intensity is an individual factor as well. Depending on the time and day peoples’ mood change and weekends are the perfect example of happy mood people. Unlike everyone believes weather has very little effect on our mood. Main sources of influence are: stress that worsens mood, lack of sleep increases negative emotions and harms decision making. On the other hand: physical, social and gastronomical (eating-out) activities increase positive mood.

Ability to perceive emotions in self and others, understanding the meaning of these emotions will contribute to the development of your emotional intelligence.  This createsthe ability to regulate and control the emotions, which will result in a constant state of happiness and emotional stability.Be balanced, be happy and be in control of your life!

Thanks for reading me