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Autumn 2018 trends (part II)

Dear Readers,

Autumn gradually is entering and we have already started the preparation for adjustments. Last week I have mainly described the outwear trends, which is logically the core of basic autumn/winter wardrobe. Those tendencies demonstrate features of haute couture fashion. Some of the designer’s creations are shocking and may not be suitable for a daily look. However, being aware of the autumn 2018-winter 2019 trends is important and smart usage of this information will profit your image.

There are three main features that have been identified by fashion critics and three main colors. The main principles are bright colors, comfortable/free and practical in wear. A cloth is mainly made of quality materials, with the use of functional decor: laces, decorative zippers, patch pockets, wide belts, etc. The most fashionable colors in 2018 are actually gray, red and blue. Red color, like a bright flame, attracts the views of others. This juicy, catchy shade red will be a great choice for self-sufficient women. Bright blue/indigo is another core color, which symbolizes stability and refers to a noble group. It is a choice of true ladies. I believe that gray, slate color is universal. It is easy to combine with other shades and looks expensive and prestigious.

So let’s dive into the wonderful and crazy world of fashion and find “yours”. The first trend is cozy knitwear. Those, who prefer comfy clothes, will definitely appreciate knitwear. In everyday life, knitted garments – dresses, suits, skirts, jackets, tops, and sweatshirts, are an essential foundation. Fashion designers offer interesting options with a minimum of decor. All the zest in the styles is the brevity.

Another trend is turtlenecks cloth: roll-neck sweaters and high-neck dresses are the trends for all time. It also refers to the base of the wardrobe and you can create interesting daily looks with them. It can be worn alone, as well as combined with jackets, cardigans, jackets and is an excellent option for cool weather. This season laconic style, drapery, original sleeves or an unusual shoulder line are the main trends of turtleneck clothes.

The new trend for this season is called “Woman in Black”. Black color clothes is a part of sexuality, majesty and grace concept. Dressing the outer clothing of a straight cut with clear lines will turn you into a real lady. Black is one of my favorite colors and it is also believed that one looks slimmer wearing it.
Another new trend is space and futuristic look: plastic, silver parks, overalls and down jackets, futuristic huge sneakers, reminiscent of moon shocks. Designers have prepared a real gift for fans of science fiction. If you are one of them – catch signals from space in a fashionable way.

Accent on the waist is another fashionable trend. In order to visually emphasize the waistline the usual ensemble of a wide belt made from suede, lacquered or matte leather can be used. As well as one of the main fashionable podium trends is the military style. As the result, belts with a rough buckle made of metal are becoming a real hit this season.

I would also suggest acquiring trousers with cuffs. They create a stylish and free image and can be successfully combined with sports shoes, ballet shoes, moccasins, and with the high hills. I would recommend staying in the fashionable range length till the ankle and/or 7/8. In addition, wide trousers can successfully hide excess volumes on the hips. In case you love the urban and ethnic style – pants with cuffs will definitely be a great addition to your autumn look.

A further trend is a dress-shirt that has mainly evolved from the notice that woman look incredibly cute in men’s shirts. So designers decided to help the beautiful half of humanity and created a fashionable trend. Today dress-shirt design has both austerity and femininity look.

Denim clothes like dresses, shirts, trousers, sarafans, and trousers are in fashion. The colors vary and the most popular are dark blue, gray and black. You can combine a shirt and trousers from denim and the colors can be the same or cardinally different. Convenient denim clothing is great for urban and dynamic living.
The peculiarity of trends in clothes in 2018 is bold combinations and a free choice of stylistic decisions. To the gratitude of its convenience freestyle and oversize clothing is also on the peak this time. It is actively used to create bright and stylish images. This look is appropriate in the working environment and is also a great choice for meetings with friends, going to the movies, cafes or any other social event activity.

Moreover, a healthy way of life, wellness and sports are being promoted more and more actively by designers. Therefore, fashionable clothes 2018 is endowed with a free cut. It does not fetter movements and is incredibly comfortable to wear. Especially popular is the pajamas style, which can be successfully applied to both dresses and trouser suits.

Hopefully, this short overview of the main Autumn 2018/Winter 2019 trends will help you to look bright, feel comfortable and free!

Thanks for reading me

Autumn 2018: Outwear trends (Part I)

Dear Readers,

This last week of summer let’s enjoy and with gratitude remember all the wonderful moments! I truly believe that summer is the best time for relaxation and recovery of the body, spirit, and soul. The autumn time – is the period for concentration, focus, and vision of where you want to be by the end of the year. Nevertheless, it is vital to look good and stylish that will definitely contribute to the achievements of your aims. So, I usually adjust my yearly goals by analyzing and comparing plans and facts. As well as, I am revising my wardrobe and adding warmer cloth and eliminating the “real summer” items taking into consideration new drifts.

So you might already wonder what will be popular this season. For the past years, the core fashion principle has been and still remains this year – is that the cloth should be comfortable for you to wear. To be beautiful and look stylish no big sacrifices are required anymore. This autumn and winter 2018-2019 oversize cloth, warm and cozy knitted sweaters, classical and practical denim, as well as metallic colors, are in fashion. However, the full list of trends is much longer. For example, the outwear should have a multilayered look, like ponchos, capes, down and blown jackets, artificial fur coats, sheepskin coat, etc. On the pick of this autumn knitted cloth, materials, and textures with prints like – cage, flowers, leopards, abstractions and patterns. A stylish look can be built from classical jeans and denim cloth, metallic colors, romantic details like frills and ruches on blouses and dresses, cloth in the 80’s style, cowboy appear and even linen and pajamas style.

I believe that prints are the main thing that should be taken into consideration. Most of them remained from the spring-summer season. I would suggest giving attention to feminine floral print, floristic embroidery, and appliqués. They both look great on the light and evening dresses, business suits, jeans and oversized jackets/coats. The size, form, and % of coverage and contrast do not play a big role this season.

Nevertheless, the colors do! So what kind of colors should you pick up from the far shelf and/or which ones are worth buying to please yourself and everyone around? Logically, in the fashion should be almost all the tones derived from the character of autumn. So they are deep green, gold, bright orange, fiery red, dark red and deep blue/indigo. In addition, nice pastel, dusty and fresh colors of pink, blue, lavender, mint, gray, orange and beige will be inherited from the summer. Moreover, in winter, bright colors like pink fuchsia and ultraviolet will be in trend.

This season is full of unusual tendencies. One of them is dresses with slits at the waist. Such an extraordinary echo of summer can be found in many fashion collections autumn-winter. Designers make symmetrical and asymmetrical cuts on various styles of dresses in the area of the beltline. However, the single cut only on one side is preferred.

There is also a comeback of sexual military and paramilitary style and it is mainly represented in women’s outerwear. Such as manto, coat a la greatcoat, tunic, and garment. In order to stay in trend jackets in military style is highly recommended this autumn.

Another remarkable fashion trend of 2018, which have been briefly described above – is a multi-layer look. It is essential to highlight the layers of clothing that designers offer to use during the cold season. This can be both an abnormal layered cut of one thing, and the creation of an image from a large number of things, which will create this effect – the layering of textures, colors, prints and fabrics.

The last, but not least, are the lacquered and leather coats wear. That will offer the possibility to embody any favorite color solutions. This autumn, designers have paid special attention to leather and lacquer coats and cloaks of bright fashionable colors, while others boldly decorated the outer clothing with prints. The length of the coats varies from midi to maxi and they can be decorated with fur and/or ruches.

This is a brief overview of the outwear trends for autumn 2018. I would suggest you first to see what do you have in your possession before making new purchases. This autumn you can just mix things together and be in trend!

Thanks for reading me

5 tips on how to buy a new cloth without wasting money

Dear Readers,

The summer is slowly approaching to its end and generously gifts us the harvest – fruits, vegetables, flowers, etc. It is also the peak time of marriages, outdoor events, and festivals. As well as most holidays are getting over and it is time to prepare children to go back to studies and parents to get back to work. The weather is changing and it is starting to get cooler in the evenings. Feeling of change is really obvious and with the sip of fresh cool air, you recognize it. This is a perfect time to start adding warmer cloth to your wardrobe.

As we all love to have something new every season. Today, based on various stylist schools and fashion houses approach, I would like to talk about the main 5 principles that in case of usage, will help you to form your wardrobe smartly, when buying new things. That will avoid wasting money on personal shoppers and/or emotional purchases.

First of all, before buying something new, I would suggest you to get rid of the things that do not suit you anymore in terms of size, are old and for any other reason you do not like them anymore. There is a universal rule that when you let something go, you will definitely get something better. You can donate your cloth in special places, give it to your relatives and/or friends or just throw it away – it is really up to your choice. However, you should do it with the gratitude and respect as it has been serving you all this time and has been a great part of your life. This is the core rule and its execution is obligatory. In case you cannot say goodbye to some of the things than the time has not come yet and you can just renovate it and add something new to the existing pieces of cloth. For those who can, it will help to retain the wardrobe of the same size and will make you think several times before making a buying decision. Therefore, remember always to buy only what you really need! There is a saying – “Measure seven times, cut once”. That means one step at a time. You might regret the purchase in case you buy something wrong and you have to throw away something from your closet.

Secondly, do the research and determine the “wearability” of an item. So before making a choice, it is important to estimate the gains. For example, you are searching for the shoes and the branded shoes are expensive. However, taking into the consideration the intensity of how often and for how long you will wear them, buying luxurious is more a wise decision in the long-term period. Due to the fact that cheap shoes usually last maximum a season in case of luck. Moreover, shoes and bags are core elements that should be comfortable and chic. It is vital to consider the “wearability of a thing” – the real value of the object. The formula is the following: how much time (in days) approximately you used to wear the same thing before and divide the value of the thing for this period.
The third and my favorite principle is to choose quality over quantity! I would highly suggest you make the inventory list of the items you have and do not be surprised. In this case, more is not better. Before making a decision, first, think of how effectively the new article can be combined with the clothes that you already have in your possession. The main rule of any stylist: a new thing (accessory or cloth) should fit well with at least 3 existing things in the wardrobe. That way you will save the space and get more reasonable attire.

Another key point is to buy only your size and shape or bigger cloth. Tide clothes have not complimented anyone and it causes discomfort to your body and mind. Please remember, that even if you have fallen immediately in love with an item and it is too small or vice versa, just take a break till tomorrow and think. The main focus should be on items that emphasize your strength rather than pointing out your weaknesses. Imaginings how this skirt will look on you when you lose weight and/or will lose weight after pregnancy is just dreams today. As well is it is unpractical to store the cloth just in case. The update should fit you in the present instead of future/past.

The last, but not least is to forget about uncomfortable clothes or shoes. Sometimes we tend to forget about the ease for the sake of beauty and fashion. I love fashion and I am sure you do since it inspires us to experiment! However, from a practical point of view, it is disadvantageous to focus only on the visual effect of the things that you acquire. I suggest combining convenience and beauty. In case you are filling uncomfortable – like itchy, tight, and painful or anything else you should understand that in real life it will be the same and most likely you will not wear it often or at all. I advice to carefully listen to yourself and answer the question – will I be comfortable wearing it every day?

“Golden Autumn”, the end of August and the first week of September – is one of my favorite times, where bright sun is combined with cool fresh air and the feelings of joy and peace enter your heart. I wish you to enjoy the weather and life, experience this mindset and make smart decisions!

Thanks for reading me

Mysterious history of bracelet

Dear Readers,

Fashion truly inspires my life and by learning the history I am getting more and more motivated! For example, did you ever think about the role of the accessories and jewelry? The answer is that the majority of the modern accessories once had a different meaning and purpose of wearing them. Moreover, one of my favorite fashion details – bracelet has a very long, interesting and complex history. Rising to the peak of fashion, it was suddenly found for many decades almost completely ignorant. When did a person first put on his wrist this ornament is very difficult to say? The first mention go back to the days of Paleolit (1st historical period of Stone Age), which is about 10,000 years B.C and they were worn by Sumerians. However, 10 years ago in Denisova Cave, Altai Mountains, Siberia Russian archeologists found carbon bracelet that was made around 40,000 ago.

Moreover, people at all times across the world loved to decorate themselves and one of the most popular jewelry was the bracelet. They were and are worn by various cultures and diverse ethics groups. Mainly bracelets were made from wood, stone, gold, copper, and leather. Even in ancient times, they were worn not only by women but also by men.

According to the various sources the word bracelet originally came from the Greek word “brachile” meaning “part of the arm” and in French bracelet means the same. However, the first bracelets, despite the name that relates specifically to the wrist, were worn on the feet, and not at all for beauty. Crafted from bones, tusks, canines of animals, sea shells and other available materials, the bracelets at the dawn of humanity served their owners as security amulets to protect themselves from evil spirits. Each of them was attributed a special magical power, embodying a special philosophy of the struggle for survival. According to the material from which the bracelets were made, one could know the social status of a person.

The Egyptians really appreciated this decoration – it was in ancient Egypt 4 thousand years ago that the bracelets won special love and popularity. They made bracelets from simple material like stones, wood, and bones. They served as a spiritual reason for them and were believed to be a sign of protection too. During the excavations, archaeologists discovered that the pharaohs liked to generously decorate their hands with bracelets of pure gold. Jewelry was represented by the carved scarabs and bracelets were even wrapped into the linen bandages of mummies.

In Rome, both women and men wore them solely for beauty. It is the ancient Romans who invented spiral bracelets with the head of a snake, a tiger, and other animals, which, incidentally, are popular until now. They decorated them with stones and often made engraving. During the conquests, it was the soldiers of the Roman Empire who brought bracelets to other countries.

As the humanity has been progressively developing and as metal has been found, the bracelet became to serve its purely aesthetic purpose. It mainly started with copper and bronze ware and as the product was embodied in silver and gold it became a real revolution in the world of jewelry.
Step by step, interest in wearing gold bracelets also came to Europe, but the prudish fashion for long sleeves during the Middle Ages almost completely replaced them from the list of jewels of court ladies. The bracelets were no longer worn on the open hand, sewn only as “wrists” on the lower edge of the sleeves or on top of the sleeve (“zarukavya”).

However, in the Renaissance, they remembered these ornaments again. Mainly only during the Renaissance, when the hands were allowed to show up again, the gold bracelets regained their old popularity. The shape and style of the bracelets of that time also have a pronounced antique character. The wearing of bracelets by that time had once again acquired a note of mysterious meaning. For example, the wearing of a set of bracelets from different minerals, combined in the initial letters of their names, from which the magic word was composed, entered into fashion.

At the beginning of the XIX century, bracelets began to decorate with fashionable corals, diamonds, and gold satin ribbons. A special glamour in the high world was considered a bracelet, woven from ribbons. The ladies forgot about the once popular silver and wore only gold bracelets.

Later the fashion changed again, and the girls began wearing pairwise tight bracelets. They had a clasp, thanks to which the decoration sat tightly on the wrist and looked very exquisite. The Victorian era is a very romantic time and the bracelets of that time were very gentle. They were decorated with smaller stones and even medallions with photographs of lovers and trinkets with a strand of their hair. The bracelets were engraved and considered almost mystical objects.

As the time has passed, new rulers came to power, state borders changed, but bracelets did not go out of fashion. In the Gregorian times – from the beginning of the XVIII to the beginning of the XIX centuries – a bracelet with the light hand of French jewelers becomes a real luxury item. In Paris, they started making gold and decorating the edges with pearls. By the way, as I have mentioned earlier the word “bracelet” is also from France and it means “wrist”. In the 19th century, a fad included engraving portraits on bracelets. Thus, a certain stratum of the nobility sought to perpetuate, in gold images of the wife, daughter, beloved. The bracelets were made in the form of medallions and were called “sentiments”.

With the revival of fashion for bracelets, popularity has come for their adornment with precious and semiprecious stones. Most often used pearls, jasper, turquoise, and amethyst. Definitely, the incrustation with stones was a privilege of royalty and the lower classes wore smooth gold bracelets, freely sliding on the arm. The common people from the lowest cast were bracelets made from copper.

At the beginning of the last century, women forgot about ruches and medallions and began to wear bracelets in the form of snakes, chameleons and Egyptian beetles, scarabs, and also donned jewelry in antique style. Since then, the bracelets have not gone out of fashion and always lay in the caskets of society ladies.
Moreover, today, the tradition of wearing bracelets is still very popular in some indigenous African tribes. It is really an incredible art, the way they make jewelry for feet and hands from the huge variety of the surrounding world – pebbles, the bark of trees, plant seeds, colorful minerals, feathers of birds and other richness of nature.

In some nations, as, for example, in India, the bracelet has acquired the status of marriage attributes. As a symbol of marriage, bracelets were absent only on the hands of widows. A special bracelet is worn by a woman during pregnancy, taking off only at the time of the onset of labor, as a symbol of liberation. If the girl is married, her hands are simply covered with ringing bracelets. Apparently, in addition to the fact that the vicious circle symbolizes the integrity and inviolability of marriage, the melodic ring of bracelets has some magical effect on the strong half of humanity. That is worth taking note, isn’t it?
In Europe, wearing the bracelet of a special color and for a certain period of time is tradition and ritual and in the majority of the cases, it is believed to protect from the bad luck.

Today, bracelets are worn by everyone. They are popular as classical, from gold and silver, decorated with stones, and from inexpensive alloys with different patterns and ethnic motives. Bracelet is appropriate to wear in any style of clothing. It always looks original and emphasizes the individuality of its owner.
I believe that the best decoration for any woman – is hands with a stylish manicure, well-maintained skin, and a beautiful bracelet!

Thanks for reading me

Belt Trends in 2018

Dear Readers,

Today, I am excited to talk about truly magical and functional fashion accessory that undoubtedly will change anyone’s look in just seconds. Belt emphasizes the advantages of the figure, changes the image for the better by hiding the shortcomings.  Moreover, it is gender neutral and is one of the core accessories of both women’s and men’s wardrobes.

This year, the belt has been used as an important accent in fashion collections of many worlds’ leading brands. For example, the trend of 2018 is to wear a belt with absolutely different things, including coats and even swimsuits. In addition, the main purpose of the belt of serving as the functional accessory by emphasizing the waist is lacking the necessity to perform. So this year, the belt is worn as a spectacular and bright addition to the image and serves as advantageous feature contributing to the stylish look.

This season on the top of fashion list is the thick belts and belts-corsets, as well as asymmetrical wide belts. They are usually made from natural and/or eco-leather with a large buckle. Belt with lacing will become an indispensable accessory in the image with a feminine open shoulders dress. I would suggest giving your preference to spectacular models of metalized and bright skin with embroidery and appliqués. That can be seen as the tribute to the style of the 80s and is beloved by many for easily helping to form a clear silhouette. Dresses in the sculptural shape style, a strict cut of shirts and trousers suggest support for accessories in a similar style. I would advise choosing classical black and/or brown shades. Otherwise, go for the variation that coincides precisely with the color of your outfit.

Another trend is strapping with a massive and/or decorative trim. For example, belts can be with bright buckles, in the form of a blossoming flower or the head of an animal. Medium thickness belts embroidered with bright and rich decorations is also a fashionable accessory this summer. Effectively will also look creative belts, long and soft, rubbed leather straps as well as simultaneously two belts with decorative buckles can be worn.

However, this does not mean that thin straps in the tone of clothing have gone out of fashion.  Definitely, a common sense should be applied and in case your image requires a slim belt, then it should be used. A thin leather strap will best suit girls and/or woman, who luckily possess slender waistline. Especially for them and/or you, designers offer a great range of stylish belts made of woven or painted leather. As well as, you can find a great variety of belts with decorative elements: rivets, perforations, metal inserts and unusual buckles. I would suggest using such straps in complementing cloth sets in “boho” style and/or strict jackets and trousers with an overstated waistline.

Moreover, the designer’s imagination is infinite and along with the restrained classic strap models, one can also see the most multifarious and even fantasy models, belts with metal decor, belt-laces and even belt-wallpapers, strict military models of belts, belts that can easily wrap around a waist three or four times. Any unusual strap worn on a simple dress will give the image a special and original touch.

As to the material of the belt, it can be made entirely from anything. Mostly used are suede, fur, and textiles. As well as, various decorative finishes can be from any objects: metal elements, chains, embroidery with any thread and yarn, ornaments, like any other decor. The color range of the belts is quite diverse too. As previously I would suggest choosing dark and classical colors: black, brown, chocolate shades, dark ones are cherry and violet, pastel colors, and also any bright color for the summer/autumn taking into consideration your basic wardrobe composition.

How to wear fashion belts? As I have mentioned in the beginning belts can be worn with all types of cloth this summer. For example, wearing a swimsuit with a print and a wide belt, or tying a thin band on the bodysuit. You can become known as a fashionable woman by wearing a metal belt or a belt with a snake print over a business stripe suit. This year classical feminine light dresses with a floral print I would suggest wearing by combining with rough straps in a masculine style with massive buckles. This is a current fashion trend, where often incompatible is combined and the image of things of different styles are integrated. Those who are not ready for a radical blending of styles, fashion houses offer belts made of genuine leather pastel or bright shades to create images with blouses or dresses.

Sweaters and cardigans fashion 2018 complements both narrow straps and wide corsets with bright metal trim or embroidered. In combination with jeans, belts in summer/autumn can be used as a bright spectacular addition, any coloring and material are welcome. In addition even really incredibly bright cheerful colors like turquoise, pink and orange, belts can be supplemented with a print or stylized under the lace. Belts with volumetric buckles, very similar to brooches perfectly complement not only jeans and jean shorts, but also create an effective addition to an elegant dress. Moreover, wide belts with beautiful clips will also create a perfect set with a coat or a short coat, it is only necessary to choose suitable style gloves or handbag.

In any case, if you want to add a highlight to your daily image, choose an extraordinary belt. If until now for some reason you have bypassed such a significant accessory as a belt, it’s time to look at it more closely in 2018! Nowadays, it’s at the peak of fashion and I have described plenty of variations of how and with what is it should be worn. Be happy, be prepared, and with a new belt be in trend!

Thanks for reading me

Basic wardrobe for Summer (Part II)

Dear Readers,

Summer is still in its pick and I believe that building a good base for your summer wardrobe is vital. There are 10 basic types of cloth you just need to have that will make your summer unforgettable! They are – blue jeans and denim shorts, light classical trousers, a white cotton T-shirt, blazer, cardigan, bright skirt, a couple of colorful and cool T-shirts and blouses, flat sandals and 2-3 different kind of handbags. These items in your closet will definitely ease your life and you will always look and feel good.

Moreover, I will provide you with the short and essential information for the creation of your customized base for summer and early autumn! First of all, you need to decide on what color range your base will be executed. The choice depends on your preferences and your lifestyle. However, traditionally the basic summer colors for the summer wardrobe are white, blue, beige, light gray and pink as well as any pastel also can be added to this range.

Summer without blue jeans and denim shorts is impossible to imagine! When choosing the style of the items, please keep in mind that it should be based on your individual physical parameters and taste and shape. This year ragged jeans, girlfriend type and universal “skinnies” reaching up to the ankle are in trend. As well as jeans with inflated waist combined with short wide t-shirt and crop-tops are at the peak of the fashion. As to the jean shorts, they are the loved basis of my wardrobe. For more functionality, you can have two pairs – one more authentic, more classic, blue, and others short, torn, blue.

One of the indispensable cloths in the base wardrobe for the summer is the white cotton T-shirt! You can wear it to work under a jacket or vest, on the beach with shorts, with jeans, skirts, trousers – literally everywhere and with everything. I would recommend having two types: one long and wide, the other fitted to the figure accordingly. It is important to choose the right white T-shirt that fits perfectly with your figure and adds value to your appearance. In addition, the charming combination of white and tanned skin will make you look stunning this summer.

Next basic summer item and a solid and formal alternative to jeans can be straight light pants. They are suitable for work if you combine them with blazers and blouses, and for relaxation – in combination with T-shirts, tops, and cardigans. Nevertheless, such pants are also a great fit for the frivolous young ladies, because today’s trends allow you to wear them in more relaxed images – with sneakers, sweet shots, shirts in a cage, etc.

The most important element of the basic summer wardrobe is indeed – blazer. Once entered to the top of fashion it remained there and even managed to become one of the base things on which the entire wardrobe is built. Moreover, a blazer can be of any color! I recommend a win-win option – white and/or beige blazer. In order to diversify and transform a boring image into something vivacious colorful blazers – blue, pink, mint, indigo should be preferred.

Another thing, which will definitely be in use over your shoulders on top of anything during cool summer evenings, is a cardigan. Therefore it should be as neutral as possible. Ideally, I would suggest, light gray that is suitable for everything and not as bright and catchy as white. You can play with the shape and length: fully elongated cardigans, lengthen only in front, and/or cardigans with flowing floors – the main rule is no fasteners!

Skirt: it can be of any style, choose based on what you like and is the best fit for your figure and personality. However, it should be of a loose style, no pencils, and cases – the best to leave them for office in the fall. I would recommend as an excellent option – a light skirt in form of a bell or a sun with the length just above the knee. This is an essential item in your summer wardrobe will add a touch of femininity to it.

In summer, it is absolutely necessary to have a large selection of one color T-shirts, shirts, and blouses. I would suggest pleasant colors that ideally match your skin and texture type. That will fit into almost any image. Approximate ratio: 2 T-shirts, 1 shirt, and 2-3 blouses. These basic things of the summer wardrobe will minimize the likelihood of the problem “I have nothing to wear.”

As to the shoes – sandals on a flat sole are the basic summer wardrobe item. This kind of shoes is suitable for a beach with jean shorts, for light dresses, and for classic trousers. I would recommend, choosing models of black, white, beige or silver colors. Moreover, pay special attention to metallic colors – it looks fresh and stylish.

The last, but not least essence of any summer look is a handbag. The main thing about which should be style and functionality. As to colors, I personally prefer 1 classic color bags. However, bags with inserts of different colors will look profitable. For example, white, blue, silver, red. I would suggest choosing something vivid and at the same time universal.

I hope bits of my advice and various suggestions will help you to create an individual and outstanding look while having the best time of your life! Be stylish, be happy, be summer!

Thanks for reading me

Basic wardrobe: essential elements and tips (Part I)

Dear Readers,

Majority of us usually take a lifetime to form their wardrobe. However, one day you might face the situation when you come to choose something special and you realize that there is nothing that you would desire to wear. In front of you is the diversity of many cloth and materials and there is nothing that matches your mood today. So you start feeling like throwing at least half of the things. Suddenly, it becomes an urgent issue and the priority in your life. However, something is holding you back from getting rid off everything all the cloth that you have not even touched for at least a year. What is it?

I would recommend not hurrying in doing so and the solution would be reviewing the composition of your daily wardrobe based on you today’s occupation and status. You should have about 15 core items and add them with various colors, accessories and I believe that after that you will be again happy with what you have. In addition, I promise the return of your excitement and inspiration for dressing up to work or anywhere else the next morning.

So, the following things need to be done:

  • The revision of your present composition of cloth for each season;
  • Structure of sets and costumes based on your employment capsule;
  • Choosing the right cloth styles based on your individuality;
  • Creation of shop-list – the things that have to be purchased in order to make complete images and look for the rebirth of your wardrobe;
  • Editing seasonal accessories, including tides, shoes, bags, jewelry, sсarfs, etc.

There is a special system that you need to follow in order to create diverse compositions of sets and looks from casual to fine. Logically, your base wardrobe should represent your occupation, expresses your individual values and ideas, and underlines your personal style. In simple, the base of the wardrobe is your core clothing. It is like the background of your artistic creation and its frame. The recent formula for the best basis wardrobe is 70% of simple classic cloth and 30% of bright design things. It has to be chosen correctly and in accordance with your future goals and objectives. Moreover, a properly selected base wardrobe together with accessories and additions creates an integral stylistic complex and tells about your personality a lot.

So, the basic set should consist of: light blouse (2), pencil-skirt type, jeans, beige shoes, black or dark blue classic blazer, petite black dress, black trousers, flat shoes, elegant jacket, a bag, black boots, cardigan, and coat. I will shortly describe some of them.

Light blouse or batnikov (male version of the shirt) you should have at least 2: when one is washed the second is ready to be used in an ensemble with a skirt or trousers. One blouse has to be white (it is important to determine correctly your white color – from pearl to melted milk. The main secret is that your blouse is not whiter than the shade of your tooth enamel. The second secret lies in the correct definition of your color type. It is also important to match blouses or batniki in color, material and style with pants and/or skirts.

Pencil skirt is extremely effective and feminine detail of every woman wardrobe. This narrow skirt perfectly fits the figure, with a high waistline. It is designed to emphasize, but not to increase the hips and visually adjust the silhouette. Together with blouse and high heels it visually pulls the figure and serves as a classic look. It is vital to individually determine the correct length, height and size of the waist before the purchase. A pencil skirt can be worn with all kinds of blouses and batniki, tops, pullovers and jackets.

Another must is jeans. In the past, it was considered as a working cloth. Today it is a necessary item of the minimum of any basic wardrobe. With a pair of jeans, you can create countless interesting and stylish sets. They will save you on a date and at a meeting (if your company’s dress code allows freestyle or Casual Friday). Jeans can be worn with flat shoes, sneakers, and any shoes on a flat sole, or can be combined with heels – and create an evening image. My advice is to buy good and expensive jeans! Cut off jeans depends on the type of your figure and pay attention to the location and shape of the pockets. I urge you not to follow blindly fashion trends and not to buy jeans of “skinny” models if you understand that you do not have the longest legs and wide hips. They are created for lean lanky young ladies. If you are a lucky owner of an impressive volume than consider a variant of flare or straight jeans. The ideal color for the jeans of the base wardrobe is dark blue and dark indigo. If you like black jeans, then you better buy classic black trousers – they will look much better on you. In addition, give preference to models of jeans without screaming frills, the presence of rhinestones, decorative holes, large inscriptions, embroideries or bright scuffs.

The secret of petite black or so-called “Chanel” dress is known to all successful women, who follow the simple rule “always to invest in the actual classic”. It is as if by magic, appropriate always and everywhere, and can become the basis for a great many of your images – from everyday to evening. Complementing it with a variety of accessories (beads, topical now large necklaces, brooches, neck scarves, belts, etc.) and you will always look different. The black dress can be worn with shoes of unusual color, print tights (excluding overdoing it), together with matching and an expressive ornament on the neck (necklace) or fur boa. Another advantage is that the black color makes you look slimmer. To get the maximum effect, choose a laconic, clear-cut dress that will sit on the figure. Give preference to a black dress of laconic, clear-cut, well seated on your figure, for example, “case”.

There is a saying that clothes do not make the man. However, the basic wardrobe is the essence of your look. It is like the alphabet – if you do not learn it, you can forget about reading books and writing. Creating it will help you to understand yourself better and bring the confidence needed for the important life events. Be happy, be stylish, be yourself!

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7 secrets of strong& healthy friendship

Happy Sunday, dear Readers,

With the time we usually understand ourselves and life on a deeper level. We start to appreciate and value true friendship, positive vibes, loyal and honest people and good coffee.  Human kindness, integrity, empathy, honors and giving care and love is still a great rarity in XXIst century. The number of real friends reduces dramatically and only few remain precious throughout the life.

We usually try to find the reasons in external environment and by blaming other factors and/or people – we often overlook the cause of it.Nevertheless the emotions, reactions and answers that we get from other people are usually the reflections and results of our own thoughts and attitudes. Therefore it is important first of all, to become a good friend to yourself. The questions that you might ask are: how to do it, how to build friendly relations so that they are strong and healthy? I will open 7 secrets of my own how to build and carry on having the same friends throughout the life.

The first and the most important in any relationship of various levels is to really listen to the person while he/she is talking to you. It seems to be very easy, but the majority of us are not present at the moment when someone else is expressing the feelings. For the strong friendship I would recommend you to be an active listener – it means listening with a great care and attention in order to understand what your friend is saying and feeling. That way in your relationship there will be no understatement and misunderstanding.

Another very important element of friendship is respect. In fact, if you have already established friendly relations, most likely the appreciation already exists and over time it is important not to lose it. I believe that in any person something for which you can admirehim/her for can be found. I would suggest centering on admiring the merits and strength rather than focusing on shortcomings and weaknesses.

It is crucial to know how to keep secrets that someone told you. That way you will become a reliable friend and try to maintain this reputation and trust. In addition, the ability to keep secrets of your friends or anyone, who had presented you a high-level of trustcharacterizes you as a valuable person, and preventsmany potential troubles.

Be honest with your friends and try not to deceivethem, even if you think that this can be advantages to you. Lying in the long term will become obvious, and the trust between you might be lost. In that case it will be very difficult to recover. Relationships without faithhave a short lifetime.

One more vital skill for a healthy friendship is the ability to forgive. Friendly relations in which there are no resentments, quarrels and conflicts do not exist. However it is important to learn to forgive and forget all negative images and bad things. It is like throwing away the garbage and moving forward in the relationship. Try to release your heart from anxiety, anger, offense and blames – always forgive your friendsand people.

Finding time to have fun or give a hand of help to your friends is another proof of care. Friendship is about giving and investing without counting on receiving back will last longer. Therefore, even on busy days or long trips find free minutes to at least just call or write a message with a little note or a wish of a good day. I communicate with my friends daily in the gratitude to the SM. As well as I try to plan trips and time with them on a weekly and monthly basis.

In addition, always remain yourself and only by being real, you represent value, as a person. Falsity and insincerity can destroy even the strongest relationships. I would recommend you building the relationship with close people without masks. Kindness, love, understanding, honesty and care are the fundamental principles for the long and healthy friendship!

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What to do in summer?

Happy Sunday, Dear Readers!

Incredible freshness combined with hotness is the summer time! Delicious smells of blooming flowersand trees, long days, short nights and bright suncontribute to the state of awareness. I see happy peoplein the park doing yoga, eating ice-cream, jogging and/or just relaxing with their families, children and friends. These interactions create the feeling of togetherness, unity and confidence which are of a high value to us. In order to make leisure time more memorable there are several activities that I would highly recommend you to realize during the summer time. The accomplishment will make your lifemeaningful and hopefully it will become anunforgettable summer of 2018 for you and your loved ones.

So the first thing is of course the traditional barbecue day – preparation of the food over open fire.Take the plan of the area that you live in and depending on your preferences find a park nearby or a faraway gateway for the beautiful day out. If you are new in the city, create an event on the social media groups and invite people to come and share the time and food with you. Make sure to plan and organize all the things and products you need before with the consideration of everyone’s eating habits. As well as to take soccer, basketball balls, badminton racquets and other gamesto play while food is preparing. Otherwise just go to any park and read your favorite book in the shade of the trees and feel yourself.

If you favor active relaxation go hiking or even camping. Interaction with the nature is a wonderfulexperience. Just make sure that you are prepared for that and have all the necessary equipment with you.Also try not to overestimate or underestimate andchoose the appropriate trail/route depending on your physical conditions and overall stamina. The aim is to enjoy what you are doing and not to stress yourself.

Go to museums, art galleries, open air concerts, events and celebrations. Especially in now there are a lot of exhibitions and many museums are free on particular dates, just check on the official website of the museum depending on your interest. Enjoy sharing time and good vibes with other people.

Play sports – learn tennis, badminton, basketball, soccer or just join the free yoga classes in the park. Summer is the time for outdoor activities and do not forget about the sunscreen, protect your body from the direct sun. As well as remember that it is recommended not to be on the sun between 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM when the phase is very active. So choose the time for sport wisely.

Write the checklist of what you always dreamed to do and do it. For example learn to swim, scuba diving, water surfing, sky diving, parachuting or just rent a boat and voyage for a week with your couple, kids,friends or alone. It is a summer time so get the maximum out of it.

Travel to explore, discover, seize the moment andenjoy the beauty of the Earth! Your destination can benext village, town, city, state, country and/or the islandyou always dreamed to visit. At this moment you can still buy a ticket and visit Russia, which is holding the World Cup Championship in soccer! The great mood change and reset of the reality will be granted with the trip.

I love summer for me it is time for excitement and activity. I travel with the kids, do the outdoor activities, organize social events, stay open to the upcoming opportunities, and enjoy the moment. I wish you all to make this summer special for yourself! Destiny is in our own hands, take a break from work and just make the best out of it!

Thanks for reading me

Motivation or just being alive?

Drive is a great thing to achieve your objectives and goals. Doing daily activities with enthusiasm helps me to “keep walking” and enjoy an interesting and unpredictable journey of my life. I believe that we are the one who is in charge of our own life path. It is up to us to decide to be happy or sad, negative or positive, fat or slim, losing or winning, etc!  Therefore, today I would like to talk about the motivation, the importance of enthusiasm and desire to live, explore, achieve and simply live and enjoy the life. For example, I love beauty, fashion, and traveling. My motivation for those things is that I truly adore splendor. My stylish dress represents respect and gratitude for others and emphasizes the magnificence of life. Travelling opens minds and horizons by diving into different reality, cultures, and traditions helps me to get out of the box and see the life from other perspectives.

Motivation – is the process that accounts for an individual’s intensity, direction, and persistence of effort toward achieving personal and/or organizational goal. In more simple words it is the amount of effort you put forth in order to reach the aim. A direction is the density of efforts channeled towards the goals. Persistence counts the longitude of the effort. All those aspects are crucial to keep the motivation up. How many times have you promised to take care of yourself? How long have you been dreaming of losing weight? I believe that finding the motivation to change old habits and replace them with the new one takes time and should be taken care of immediately. You should know that to change of any habit requires a cycle of at least 21 days.

It is important to start from the question what do I want in life, where do I want to be in 5, 10, 20 years? I personally, map and write my short-term (objectives) and long-term plans (goals). When writing a plan, I always mark my priorities. I would recommend “shooting for the stars”! Moreover, the motive is a purely an individual thing. What gives me strength may not be working as effectively or not working at all for you.

However, it is important to know that you can change yourself at any point in your life and reach your dreams! Practically, I would recommend you now to take a piece of paper and write down your strategic goals (desires). For instance, it can be anything from losing weight, learning a different language, travel more or getting married and even going to the Moon. After that visualize each of your dreams coming true and see all the details of it. It is vital as a first step to define and visualize your wishes and desires. For example, if you want to lose weight. First of all be precise and formulate the following: I would like to lose 21 pounds in the next 6 month. Visualize trying on a new cloth, looking stunning and other people complimenting and looking at you. Think and dream about it as often as you can – several times per day.

After defining your strategic goal, the second stage would be finding the right resources people, experts, books, courses, videos, etc.  Help from anyone and/or anything that will be able to contribute to the realization of your dream. Well, the most important thing is the realization/implementation. Daily routine and discipline will help you to overcome the difficulties. “Just do it” and the regularity is the core to success when it comes to any action! Nevertheless, it is critical to enjoying the process, try not to overstress mentally and physically. I would suggest finding easy and joyful methods for you.

When reaching the goal it is important to celebrate that enormous achievement. It is essential to feel good about overcoming the obstacles, finding the solutions and following the way to the triumph! Appreciate, respect and love yourself by giving time and strongly believing that you can do it! Please remember that is it is never too late to change your life. Follow your dreams, learn from others, implement it in your life and become the best version of yourself.

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