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cucinelli the label began in 1979

The label that began with a loan and a tiny shop in Sardinia in 1979 has metamorphosed into a fashion stalwart. Mr. Cucinelli started out with a simple idea, selling locally produced cashmere sweaters in a wide variety of colors to an exclusive European crowd, hanging on the streets of Milan, via the slopes of Gstaad, all the way to London. (Royalty approves. Prince William wore Cucinelli cashmere to cuddle up to Kate Middleton in their official engagement portraits shot by Mario Testino.)

By the early 1980s, the designer was frequently burning the midnight oil dispatching bespoke orders of 100 units or more to fulfill demand. According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, he reached the magic number in 2013, with a net worth of at least 1 billion—at age 59. Growth of his public company is in the double digits.

“I’m as happy now as I was when the business began,” he added. “After the success of our sweaters, our only products until 2000, we decided to create a brand with a total look for a certain kind of lifestyle. Our colors take inspiration from our landscapes, culture and art. If you look at the Italian countryside, you will see browns, beiges and white, a natural palette reflected in our collections. I also believe in having a product that is not too widely distributed. Through carefully created retail environments, we retain our exclusivity.” The New York store is one of the brand’s most successful; Bergdorf-Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue and Barneys also sell the line.

The look announces that one is in charge but doesn’t need to button up. Cucinelli devotees are as diverse as Bradley Cooper, Jay Z, Daniel Craig and Prince William. Women love Cucinelli’s easy take on dressy glamour, too. Blake Lively is frequently photographed wearing his handiwork, and Kim Kardashian miraculously covered her curves in Cucinelli last fall when she emerged from her maternity blackout. Somebody very helpfully chose a camel, cashmere Cucinelli coat for her to wear as she stalked Parisian sidewalks with Carine Roitfeld. “We pay attention to and are inspired by young people,” adds the designer. “We want to be contemporary while maintaining our high standards of quality.”

Downtowners head to the Bleecker Street flagship but the Madison Avenue outpost buzzes too.  “New York is a place that’s somehow aware of its own modern style,” Mr. Cucinelli said. “I like adapting our made-in-Italy knowledge and experience to fit that.”

Those three words, “made in Italy,” are not incidental to the brand—they are the brand. Every single piece is made in Solomeo, the medieval Umbrian hamlet Mr. Cucinelli bought in the late ’80s and transformed into a glorious fashion farm, long before sustainability was a buzzword.

Mr. Cucinelli calls it a “humanistic factory.” Craftsmen and women work in converted village buildings brought up to date as state-of the-art workshops. Everyone eats lunch together with Mr. Cucinelli each day. “Employees are treated as preciously as the clothes they create,” he said. “I realized that economic value is worthless without human value; one could not exist without the other.”

The designer has succeeded in sticking not only to his word but to his vision. His style  transcend the mercurial rules of seasonal fashion.  Mr. Cucinelli nails it every time.

wearing Cucinelli Pants and Sweater and its so easy to mix it with other brands)

Stay Warm Guys spring is on the way)









Floppy Brim Hat

It’s not as cold as it was… yesterday ,but it’s certainly far from the spring!

The groundhogs have burrowed away for the winter, but that doesn’t mean your sartorial sense should be in hibernation.

Despite the snow and sleet that may weather your cute booties and the strong wind that leaves you with haphazard hairdos, believe me, your wardrobe does not have to succumb to the winter blues.

I’ve put together a street style outfits that will give you a reason to warm up to winter and stay always fashion.

When you think of winter headwear, chances are your mind goes straight to those warm and snuggly beanies. I think the beanie a bit too heavily during those chilly winter months. In freezing temprature it may not seem like it, but you have other headwear option. Switch things up this winter – as temperatures continue to drop, forget about the beanies and try one of these classy, felt hats instead.








Photos by Egor Tsodov


Surviving the Freezing New York

No matter how cold you think winters are in your own town, New York winters take the phrase “cold weather” to an entirely different level.  During the rest of the year, New Yorkers are famously fashionable as we all know.

Luckily, there are plenty of wonderful stores in New York, offering probably the best shopping experience in the world but,we can’t waste our time so we need to put the right outfit since the morning.  Desperately trying to assemble the proper gear,choice of essential New York winter look that keeps me warm. Winter is one of the most spectacular time to be in the Big Apple.

I am from Moscow, so I have had plenty of experience with cold weather. Dress in layers is my tip number one. Layers means clothing that accommodates other clothing to keep your body warm in cold weather, whether you are going to stay inside or go outside.   Proper winter dressing means three layers:  wicking, insulating and protection.

The first layer is what is called wicking: This is the layer worn next to your skin, usually consisting of  thermal underwear made of a synthetic , usually polyester,  fiber that has “wicking” power. This means the fibers will wick (move) moisture away from your skin and pass it through the fabric so it will evaporate. This keeps you warm, dry and comfortable. Silk is good, as is cashmere and is a natural fabric that has wicking abilities.  Wool also is good. While the polypropylene layers are important, keep in mind that wool offers added protection to stay warm because, even when wet, wool will keep you warm. The wicking layer should fit snugly (not tight) next to the skin in order to effectively wick moisture. Comfort is key for the insulating layer. It should be loose enough to trap air between layers, but not so bulky that it restricts movement.

THE SECOND LAYER is called Insulating layer which includes sweaters, sweatshirts, vests and pullovers. The purpose of this layer is to keep heat in and cold out, which is accomplished by trapping air between the fibers.

THE THIRD LAYER is known as protection layer or exterior layer. This is generally outside clothing such as coats, jackets and pants, hat, gloves, etc.  They serve as your guard against the elements of winter. They should repel water from snow, sleet or rain and block the wind, while also letting perspiration evaporate. For jackets and coats, goose down is the warmest insulation for its weight, and the higher the “fill” number, the better it insulates. Don’t let the down get compressed or it will loses its insulating ability.  A nice fur coat isn’t a bad investment either) I’m partial to fur coats and jackets as well as hats, as there isn’t anything much warmer.




Photos by Egor Tsodov

I am wearing

Sweater  Valentino 

Legging Uniqlo

Bag Hermes

So stay warm and keep moving)xx



Kelly art by King Saladeen

As most of you saw my Kelly on Instagram by King Saladeen…

Let me tell you a bit about  great artist, Raheem Saladeen Johnson is a self taught artist born and raised in West Philadelphia. His passion for art began prior to attending Kindergarden… as he says : “My inspiration comes from a place so deep within that the only way to express it is though art”   after that phrase …I had a deep desire to have a peace of art by him which can represent the LOVE between me and my children . My idea was be able to carry that peace of art with me. New York is a wonderful city that we can always meet everyone and easy to communicate.

The Mark Hotel  is my favorite spot in New York where I saw a beautiful lady with a Birkin Hermes bag on my way out… Girls will be always girls… could not hold myself to take a look on it closer… wow …. could not say more)

I could not resist and ask her the details of King Saladeen and here we go… Enjoy his work art now ).  He has his artwork in New York City, Los Angeles and Miami. King Saladeen’s first solo art show was held in Holywood and followed up by showcasing and live murals at Art Basel 2013. The momentum of 2013 has led to Raheem working with art galleries, interior designers, high end auto collectors and fashion companies.

So stay fashion stay close to art) .

Oh yes and forgot to mention about delivery service was just perfect had a such a pleasure working with him.

Would like to say special THANK YOU to the lovely and beautiful lady for connecting me with King Saladeen and to him for giving me such a joy of wearing this art peace which is very special as its 1st of the family edition representing the LOVE to my Children )

Take a look:









Photos by Egor Tsodov


I am wearing

Jeans Stella McCartney 

Ultra Light Jacket Uniqlo

Fur Jacket Fendi

Shoes Chanel


Nizuc simply incredible…

Wow – what a great place! Amazing from top to bottom.

First their staff is amazing – virtually everyone was happy & helpful. Second, the pools are gorgeous – the black infinity pools have a great look. You can choose from the very large all ages pool with the swim up bar or the smaller (and quieter adults only pool). Pool service – towels / chairs, drinks, food – was top notch. We never had a problem getting a place to sit. Third – they have excellent food service – one of the best breakfast buffets (with made to order eggs/omelets and a lot of Mexican foods, fresh fruits, juices, pastries, etc. etc.) I’ve ever seen in a hotel – also great restaurants – we ate at and enjoyed all except for Indochine. Finally. The rooms – we had a penthouse suite that was literally over the top.

I think this is an excellent hotel for couples or for families with younger children. I don’t think our older teen age boys would have enjoyed this place as much as we did. It is also a quieter property – in addition to the pool bar, there is a lobby bar and a Cuban Bar (complete with cigars) but all-in-all this is more of a tranquil place – not a hard charging party crowd. There were a couple of big events / weddings while we were there – if you are considering one – this place is set up to handle you. Their events looked first class all the way.

We generally don’t use travel agents but I gave it a try on this trip. Good move! We booked through a Richard Beck Classic travel agency and at first I wasn’t too impressed – they got us the same rate as available on line. But then we got a bunch of amenities for free through them – free breakfast buffet,free luxury transfer from the airport; free upgrade (marketed as space available – in our case, we got the huge upgrade to the penthouse suite – priceless!); free welcome amenity (in this case a 375ml bottle of tequila). Not to be a shill for travel agent, but they were very well worth it and I will use them again for my next trip. Oh yes and I forgot to mention the Spa… hard to describe in words just amazing !!!

My next trip will be planned only with Classic travel and super agent Richard Beck thanks a lot for a wonderful reservation and recommendation!!! Was a pleasure working with you!

We don’t visit many places twice, but we will be back to Nizuc – a truly awesome place!

















relax dinner by wearing Dolce & Gabbana

I love the holidays , but admit it- in the middle of winter , a stretch warm sand sounds pretty good! This resort is super casual and relax I will make a special post about it at the end of my trip…)

The day I’m spending by wearing the swimsuit.

No make up all natural and healthy pure paradise to rest and recharge myself .

As for myself , I would finish my day by evening work out and massage, but I do have a kids so can’t skip dinner….

What to wear … ? always the same question ))) the best solution for this evening is Dolce Gabbana !). Actually this kind of outfit  is the best buy for myself , as we can easily transform for any occasions.  Adding to it accessories and heels we would look very dressy .

Multi-print patterns don’t have to just be paired with neutrals. Pair these pants with a top that’s the same color as any of the hues on the pants, and you’ll look fresh and put together. Add a blazer for a sharp look.

I am wearing this Dolce Gabbana outfit with my favorite flippers Hermes

Thank you for reading me and asking me your questions and giving me subjects for my next articles .








Enjoy wild nature in emilio pucci

Is there a piece that I can wear both at the office and to holiday events? ….Emilio Pucci

Who could resist the visual appeal of Emilio Pucci’s vibrant prints? This dress boasts a simple silhouette, featuring an elegant round neckline and head accessories matching with that as well as swimwear)


Lets go back to the history to refresh out memory about the Emilio Pucci’s Prints


Throughout the 1960s and ‘70s, Italian designer Emilio Pucci revolutionized the way the world interpreted women’s wear. His new approach to creating color palettes, his fresh take on bold geometric prints, and his focus on simple, unstructured silhouettes created his signature style full of vibrancy and life that transcends any time period. His classic creations are still in vogue and in high demand today.

“In fact, the label has never quite gone out of favor since it was launched by Italian playboy Emilio Pucci in 1948” . Not only does the Pucci brand continue to pay homage to this one-of-a-kind designer by continuing his vision of print and color, Pucci is widely referenced as inspiration for modern designers throughout the world. “The patterns get knocked off by everyone from H&M to Versace” .

In America as well, Pucci’s influence is still seen at every price level of fashion from the upscale designer creations of New York’s Anna Sui to the contemporary fast-fashion at department stores like Macy’s and the mass merchandise line of Mossimo that retails at Target Stores. Through his innovative colors, prints and silhouettes, Pucci continues to live on in every level of the American apparel industry .

Ready to start my day… by wearing all Emilio Pucci








Smart Dressing

Women’s professional attire should conform to the workplace norm. Sexy office wear need not necessarily mean distasteful, over the top or vulgar clothing . Properly tailored by Valentino jumping suit classic work wear that is worn by a career woman with confidence can give an aura of subtle sexiness.

Choosing work wear that can make a woman feel sexy is a quite a difficult task. Sexy work clothes should make a woman look attractive but the same time the clothes should not detract people’s attention way from the work at hand.  Simple look on how woman can dress sexily in the workplace .

Work wear can be extremely alluring if they are well fitting . Sharply tailored clothes can hug a woman’s natural curves and give her a very sexy appearance. So , while conforming to the workplace rules a well tailored Valentino Jumpsuit can make a woman look sexier than a dress showing a lot of cleavage.

Another simple tip I use to this outfit to mix and match work wear, dentelle top is a making me look sexy but classical shoes with no hill keeps it simple and chic.








Blizzard warning … Prepare for something worse that we have seen before… Juno!

It was predicted by US National Weather Service to be crippling and potentially historic blizzard. Snow hurricane… On Monday, we were wondering that the weather reports of Snowmageddon 2015 were slightly overblown. Warnings were coming from everywhere, please make sure that you have enough food, suppliers, any needed medication and be sure to check on your elderly neighbors… So of course Panic Shopping! There were a long lines at the supermarkets. As the New Yorkers can attest, the sole benefit of snowpolicalyptic, probably maybe record breaking is witnessing the absolute meltdown of the city’s agreed upon behavior- supermarkets are transformed into nightmarish war zones, replete with macabre scenes of endless lines and passive-aggressive side eye. To watch a pre-storm panic was impressive! Most of the groceries were out of bread and water! Even kids coming from school had a checklist what we need to be prepared for the worth!
It was an unprecedented step for what became, in New York City, a common storm: its 110- year history for the first time the subway system was shut down because of the snow.
New Yorkers woke up to a much lighter snowfall than had been predicted. Some were irritated, but some just headed to the Central Park.
All the hills were alive at the Central Park! With a sigh of relief, the sound of the subway and a lot less snow than expected, the city slowly turned to normal after 9am
To be honest , I weighed (you never know) but after 1pm… went to sled with a kids to the Central Park for the first time in New York, kids were able to dust off their flexible Flyers and hit the hills.
Central Park Sledding favorite spot for me today was 85th street entrance at the Fifth Avenue just next to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

15.01.28_Lifestyle_Juno_01-5 15.01.28_Lifestyle_Juno_01-4 15.01.28_Lifestyle_Juno_01-3


Get the similar look!

Well, I am wearing Chanel ski suit and it’s not in this year collection, but I love this ski jumpsuit from ‘Spider’ brand. It has a big fur hood which looks very flirty and comfy)

What about boots? Wearing Chanel as well. But I found this quoted leather boots by Dr. Martens! And I am getting one for myself for sure because they are gorgeous!

Details are important we know that, so sunglasses that will finish your look and protect your gentle eyes. Wearing ‘Persol’ brand and similar Persol with blue lenses here

Valentino Fashion Jumpsuit and Playsuit

Playing mood with colors, this is a one piece jumpsuit from Valentino. Fluid silk is the chicest way to wear printed color, and Valentino know this better than anyone. The modern hue is made elegant with the sweeping, wide-leg silhouette. Button waist and zipper back . Valentino‘s stunning  jumpsuit comes in a different shapes and forms printed colors . Once we walk  it attracts the eyes of the people as we can see a garment fashioned details. Must-Haves on the world’s largest fashion today.Fabulous black Valentino coat over my shoulder is a perfect detail to keep me warm.
Classy and elegant I always feel when I wear Valentino. One peace jumpsuit Valentino very classy but once we open the bottoms it gives us more casual and sexy look …
The compliments I get, keeps me warm even when it is cold out)
Looking tasteful by keeping it simple in terms of make-up and jewelry. Valentino jumpsuit makes a statement by itself.
Comfy and beautiful what more we need ?)

15.01.27_Lifestyle_Brown jumpsuit_01-4



15.01.27_Lifestyle_Brown jumpsuit_05




15.01.27_Lifestyle_Brown jumpsuit_02


15.01.27_Lifestyle_Brown jumpsuit_01


15.01.27_Lifestyle_Brown jumpsuit_01-2