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THANKSGIVING GIVEAWAY from Lenlenstyle in corporation with FEMME LUXE, London

Dear Reader,

Today I am happy to announce the winners of the Thanksgiving Giveaway! Wonderful dresses from the Femmeluxefinery were presented to the @priyanka.thapa, @jaspreet.k.brar, and @mariabuchwal.

However, in order to get stylish dresses from @femmeluxefinery & #Luxegal, those fashionistas had to answer different questions about fashion and style that I have been posting on my Instagram page three days in a row. The majority of the answers could have been found in my blog, here). The Thanksgiving Giveaway dates were: Sunday – the 18th of November, Monday – the 19th of November and Tuesday the 20th of November. 3 days – 3 questions, the winners were announced on the 22nd of November on the Thanksgiving date! After that 48 hours were given to claim the present and yesterday all the lucky winners have received their deserved awards. I have contacted all of the girls and asked them about the giveaway and the dresses, below are the quotes from all of them. As well as I will give my comments & suggestions for each dress and what it is best to wear with.

Priyanka: “A friend of mine told me about this wonderful giveaway and I did not expect to win. I am truly happy to receive a warm and stylish dress as a present on such a special day. I am thankful to my friend, #lenlenstyle for the organization and to #Luxegal, @femmeluxefinery for an awesome gift. It really made my day! The quality of the dress is impressive, it is cozy and trendy – I love it! Thank you, everyone!”
Priyanka is the winner of Black Cable Knit Jumper Dress – Winter Collection:

Priyanka, this dress is perfect for winter and it will keep you warm. The universal black color gives you the choice of wearing it daily as a cable knit jumper dress on top of the high-rise slim pants. Moreover, figure-hugging fabric and cable knit detail create a statement from day to night dress. I would suggest to team it up with some chic over the knee boots, for a totally chilled vibe.

Maria: “I love presents and I always search for the giveaways on Instagram. I was very glad to find lenlenstyle giveaway before the Thanksgiving Day! Since I do believe in miracles I was hoping to win a dress. I do a lot of visualizations and meditations, so I went to the website and looked for the collections and dresses that they have. I was really happy that every day lenlenstyle had different questions and links for the dresses that way I had a choice. My favorite color is white, so I have hoped to get the Cream Bodycon Long Sleeve Jumper Dress, and I did! I was amazed when the results were announced. The dress itself is of a good quality, warm and multifunctional – you can wear it with on top of the pants as the long sweater or as a separate dress. I really appreciate that gift. Thank you #lenlenstyle and @femmeluxefinery, #Luxegal.”
Maria got the following dress:

This cream Bodycon Long Sleeve Jumper Dress will keep your autumn styling looking hot as it can be this season, Maria. With the luxe figure-hugging fit and long sleeves, this hot jumper dress is an essential in your Autumn/Winter 2018 wardrobe. I would suggest to wear it over the tide black, silver, green or any color jeans or/pants for a daily look. By teaming this hot jumper mini dress up with some over the knee boots – this look will become a perfect night out styling. Metallic accessories will help to take this affordable jumper dress to the next level.

Jaspreet: “I have participated in this giveaway thanx to my friend, who mentioned me in the comments. I did not expect to win. I have answered the question about the favorite brand of the Fashion Influencer #lenlenstyle and it was right! Well, I really did not expect it to be true. I have participated in giveaways before and there was a great competition. Therefore, it was really unexpected for me. Yesterday, I have received a wonderful Button Detail, Wrap Dress. Thank you!”
Jaspreet got this dress:

Dear Jaspreet, this dress with its luxe black coloring and perfect button detailing this wrap-effect dress will become essential in your autumn/winter 2018 wardrobe. I would suggest you wear this hot dress with some lace-up heels for the magic night out style. Alternatively, you can wear it with perspex heels and metallic accessories for a Christmas night look.

I am glad that this spontaneous cooperation with brought joy and fashion delight to those wonderful ladies. In such moments I realize that life is about giving and that why it is called a PRESENT! Be happy, be fashion, there will be more follow me on Instagram #lenlenstyle, #Influencer, #Personalshopper.


Thanks for reading me

High waist jeans: how to choose and what to wear it with?

Dear Reader,

There is a saying – there’s never a new fashion but it’s old. It is a known fact, that fashion designers often return to the past and present an “old dish with a new sauce”. The example of it is a modern trend “jeans with high waist” or so-called “high rise”. Therefore, questions about how to choose the right model and with what to wear such a style are still relevant. This form is suitable for both slim types and middle-sized ladies. In addition, high waist jeans help to hide the imperfections of the figure.

So, the question is how to choose a good pair of jeans? In fact, the selection is a serious process. I would suggest you, before going to the store think about it, write, visualize until you will get the understanding of what features should your future high waists model have.

When choosing denim trousers with high-rise take into consideration the following parameters: Pants width, like any traditional jeans, high-waist models can be narrow, wide and/or flared. If any of those do not suit you than high-waist jeans of the same kind should not be your choice. Tight slim pants adorn the owners of slender legs and those with “pear” and “apple” figure types will look stunning in the spacious models.

Figure type: The owners of the “sandglass” figure do not need to worry too much when choosing a suitable model. However, those of you with the type of “apple” and/or “pear” should be more attentive. For the ladies with a problem area around the waist – narrow slim fitting with a high-rise is prohibited. Those with pronounced hips also should turn their gaze in the direction of straight cut trousers or flared trousers. For the representatives of the “inverted triangle,” figure high-rise jeans will be suitable. Moreover, the proper selection of the top outfit together with the oversized trousers belt will emphasize the slimness of the waist and legs.

Material thickness: Items from dense denim can visually eliminate small flaws of the figure and make the look of the waist thinner. Contrary slim summer jeans are unlikely to cope with this task. They are more for skinny figures. However, stretch models greatly highlight sporty and toned figures, especially in the autumn/winter season.

Colors: As with traditional jeans, bright and bold decisions are more suitable for modern fashionistas with a slim figure. But sometimes an unusual fabric pattern is able to divert attention from a bit plump hips. Today’s trend is monochrome and bright floral prints, geometric shapes.

Presence of accessories: Embroidery, additional buttons, buckles, patch pockets and other decorative elements hide the figure’s flaws and highlight the advantages. Therefore, selecting the desired model, focus on the reflection in the mirror. Traditionally massive and voluminous patch back pockets of the trousers are not suitable for L+.

So, when choosing high-rise jeans in the store, take a few styles to the fitting room with different widths of pants and several colors. Compare 2-3 options and choose the most comfortable item that emphasizes the advantages of YOUR figure. I would suggest taking into account the existing clothes in the wardrobe since knowing in advance what you will wear jeans with will ease your decision making process.

What to wear it with?

High-waist jeans look really stylish and the “bottom” is already interesting and bright, so the rest of the clothing like shoes and accessories should make it even more spectacular and attractive, and in no way “switch” the focus. Each model of jeans in its own way is original and requires compliance with the other elements of the attire.

The combination of style will depend on what style of clothes you wear. High-rise pants are in perfect harmony with the following styles: office, romantic and/or sports. For work and everyday wear, it is better to choose classic jeans of direct cut and combine them with a shirt, or a blouse made of thin fabric. Filling the shirt in the inside of the pants will create emphasize on the waist. Walking around the city will surely give you a good mood if you wear flared jeans or slim jeans, combined with a shirt or a t-shirt with a trendy print. Now, on a cool winter days, a sweater with a long back and a cropped front in a pair with tight high-rise jeans together will certainly bring several enthusiastic looks.

Men’s shirts, cardigans and sweatshirts can also be well combined with this style. A cropped jacket or jacket is able to emphasize the waist and the slim legs. Belt and other accessories will harmoniously complete the image. With high-rise trousers, both narrow belts and wide ones can be worn. Moreover, the elegant strap will further accentuate on the slim waist. The cropped top, fashionable for the past few seasons, is just made for high-rise trousers. A variety of models will help to find your image and call attention to the fit body.

To sum up, when choosing the look with high-rise pants try to keep the focus on the bottom part. Slim fit will look harmonious with a blouse or a free-cut T-shirt (see the photo of mine). However, it will also look great with monophonic tops. I highly suggest to experiment! Be inspired and be free with the high-rise jeans!

Thanks for reading me

Everything is going to be o’cape!

Dear Reader,

There are numerous reasons why cape is a must have in your autumn/winter 2018/2019 wardrobe. There is a saying that everything that becomes to be a trend comes from the past. In ancient times, the main and critical wear of the English knights that were going on long expeditions was a long goat coat with a hood. It served them in many ways – it was warm to sleep and convenient to eat on. In addition, in the wide folds of the cape, the frozen arms and a flask of their favorite whiskey were easily hidden. As well as, the cape protected them both from the sun & heat, moisture & dirt. After the model advancement, it started to be known as the cape and became the “uniform” of nearly all armed forces of the British Empire.

Nobody would ever think that expedition cloth of medieval warrior would turn to the fashionable and loved clothes by both man and woman. However, the 2nd birth of sleeveless coat was brought up to worlds’ podiums in the 20th century by one of the most influential fashion designer – Pierre Cardin. So by the beginning of the XXI century, the meaning of the cape became to be broader – it is any coat, cloak or cape without sleeves with a clasp or slit in the middle.

This season, capes were popular in a big way on catwalks, popping up in multiple forms. Gucci, Givenchy and Clare Waight Keller re-imaged it and created the cape-trench hybrid, while Erdem presented a dramatic option decorated with metallic floral jacquard. Elsewhere, Alberta Ferretti swamped models with capes made from black leather while others sported brown rollneck styles cinched at the waist with skinny belts. The most memorable of all, though, came from Burberry where supermodel Cara Delevingne stormed the runway in a floor-length cape made from rainbow fur and lined with the brand’s infamous check motif.

There are few things to consider in terms of real-life when wearing the cape. I would suggest, to look for the right model, since there are some designs that completely restrict your arms. So try it on and see whether you can handle that slight inconvenience. Before wearing a cape consider having a clutch with you or a handbag, since shoulder bag is likely to slip off. Moreover, in order to even up the proportions of the chunky cape – peg, straight or skinny trousers will work the best. In case of the evening events, I would recommend wide leg trousers with the classical black cape – that would create a sophisticated look.

Moreover, do not confuse cape with a poncho! The cut of the South American cape is a rectangular canvas and mostly the coat without sleeves is tailored to fit the female curves of the body, so it looks more elegant and neater than its fellow from the distant Native American continent. In addition, the cape has the right to buttons, stand-up collars, a hood and other decorations, but the poncho does not. Be in trend wear the cape!

Thanks for reading me

Personal Shopper Service for You!

Dear Reader,

Recently on the plane from Moscow to London, I had a wonderful conversation with the young woman, who really admired my style. I started talking to her and explained how to build a base wardrobe, how to match various types of clothes to her figure and skin color. She was like a sponge saturating the water listening very attentive and writing the key concepts. In the end, I have asked her what stops her from making a change of her wardrobe and that what she has replied. “My life consists of mainly work and I really do not have time, energy, patience and courage for change. That is why I mainly stick with classic black and white clothes.” I was really disappointed and it made me think for a long time about what can I do to help and I came with the solution for those, who really desire to find their own style and do not have time, patience or just need someone to motivate them – I am happy to offer You my service as a Personal Shopper!

As a personal shopper, I will be going with you to shops. You will receive personal pieces of advice and suggestions on what and where to buy. Shopping with me is much more than just buying materialistic things we will be going for the journey of emotional and new experience of finding yourself. As a fashion lover, blogger & stylist I am really inspired to help You to find your own personal style!

My PSS (personal shopper service) has no limits and no borders! If you have a desire to make shopping in London, Paris, Tokyo, Milan, New York, Moscow or anywhere around the globe – together with me and my team we will develop a personalized route of shops, boutiques, showrooms, outlets and factories that individually meet your interests. We will base the shopping experience on the unique characteristics of yours. Such as wishes, type of figure, living conditions, character, habits, budget, things that already exist in your wardrobe will be joint with recent fashion trends. I will teach you the art of dressing up instead of blindly following the fashion.

There are 3 main reasons why you need Lennlenstyle personal shopper service (PSS): it saves time; fulfills the desire of making shopping enjoyable and comfortable, and as the result, you will look stylish and modern. Be happy, be beautiful, and be YOU!

For more information & arrangements please contact me:

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Priceless Cartier jewelry and watches!

Dear Reader,

Today, I want to take a short walk with you through the success story of Société Cartier and highlight the major achievements of the iconic brand. Symbol of French savoir-faire and Parisian luxury – the famous jewelry House Cartier was founded in 1847 by Louis -François Cartier in Paris. It has truly long and remarkable history (171 years)! Cartier managed to remain family-owned company until 1964. Today, the company maintains its headquarters in Paris and it is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Compagnie Financière Richemont SA in Switzerland. Moreover, there is even a movie about the legendary make – “L’Odyssee de Cartier”, the allegory of brand’s journey made especially for the 165th anniversary by Bruno Aveillan (I suggest to watch it).

Today, the international brand is mainly operating in 3 industries: jewelry manufacturing, watchmaking and retailing. The company is engaged in the design, manufacture, distribution, and sales of watches (Horlogerie), collectibles, jewelry, fragrances, and accessories: cigarette lighters, stylish pens, and other souvenirs. The works of Cartier Horlogerie considered to be one of the greatest in history and is in highly desired by the largest museums in the world. Cartier is actually the pioneers of the first wristwatch for men. Alfred Cartier in 1904 has popularized and revolutionized the jewelry-making industry. First by making wristwatch the accessory for men and secondly, by becoming the first jeweler to successfully use platinum in the jewelry-making. The wristwatch of aviator design, which once was offered as a present to a friend is a major part of brand tradition today.

It is important to mention, that Cartier success was formed by such notable persons as regular buyers of jewelry, like Princess Matilda, the niece of Napoleon Bonaparte, and Empress Eugene, the wife of Napoleon III. The company was the most sought-after jewelry house among the crowned heads. François Cartier simply in the first 30 years of the XX century received 15 patents for the jewelry supply to the royal houses around the world. He was called both “the king of jewelers and the jeweler of the kings.” In addition, among the regular customers of Cartier’s product was the Russian Emperor Nicholas II. He has offered Cartier House to become a courtier of his royal household after a jewelry exhibition in St. Petersburg.

Moreover, panther – is another iconic symbol of the Cartier House that is recognizable worldwide. The white gold panther figurine, which has become the trademark of the House, was created by Jeanne Toussaint. Since 1933, she has entered the post of Director of Fine Jewellery of the brand. In those years, Madame Toussaint was often compared to this graceful animal for her independence and self-confidence. The first brooch with a panther figurine sitting on an emerald, like many other decorations designed by Jeanne Toussaint, was purchased by Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor. After that, the Duchess together with her husband participated in the creation of jewelry of the brand.

Louis and Jacques Cartier died in 1942. In 1945, their brother Pierre became president of the company, which by then was called Cartier International. In the late 1940s. headquarters in London, headed by Jean-Jacques Cartier, in New York – Claude Cartier. After the death of Pierre in 1964, Jean-Jacques Cartier (Jacques’s son), Claude Cartier (Louis’s son), and Marianne Claudelle (Pierre’s daughter) — who respectively headed the Cartier affiliates in London, New York, and Paris — sold the businesses.

1972, the French office was acquired by a large financial syndicate. Products of the Cartier brand were sold not only in branded salons but in the jewelry departments of expensive stores. The company launched a line of new products: bags, belts, shawls. In the following decades, the brand continued to actively expand production. In 2012, Cartier was owned, through Richemont, by the South African Rupert family, and Elle Pagels, a 24-year-old granddaughter of Pierre Cartier.

Today, the Cartier empire has 14 distribution companies. But, like 171 years ago, their products are of high-quality standards. More than 200 retail stores can be found in 125 countries. However the 3 Historical Maison remain the same: Paris, 13 Rue de la Paix, London 175-177 New Bond Street and New York, 653 Fifth Avenue. “Les Must de Cartier” – “Cartier, It’s a must!” – I agree with President Robert Hocq, who created this phrase – simply have at least one item of Cartier as a piece of art!

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Ideas how to find and/or change Your Style?

Dear Reader,

Finding your style and/or changing is not as complex as you might think. Indeed, many of you do not use the full potential to complement your personality with your style or you do not have time to buy the cloth, you might hate shopping or give little or no importance to cloth in general. Nevertheless, style is an important attribute of your persona and it can both increase your mood and attract attention and great opportunities.

So, today I would like to share with you how to search for your own style and what you need to do. Those, who currently found themselves in a situation where you need to change your style and/or wardrobe, due to various reasons: exiting from pregnancy period, the birth of a child/children, change of job, career progression, etc. All this requires a revision of the current wardrobe and your image. It is essential not to lose yourself in these changes – your individuality should properly define your own style.

The 1st idea of style selection: Your style is a direct reflection of your lifestyle.
The style search does not start with viewing fashion sites or e-commerce webs, but with an analysis of your lifestyle. An ideal wardrobe should show others not only what a great taste you have, but also be as relevant as possible. The crucial thing is to understand in what image/role your relatives and colleagues will see you, and also how this image will be combined with your life and the goals that you set for yourself. Are you work in an office environment and desire to get a higher position? Then a sexy image and/or romantic style will look out of place. Are you expecting a baby? Then a classically elegant style would not be the best choice, even if you like this look.

So here is the exercise for you: write down all the situations in which you usually find yourself during the week – this is work, university, presentations, lunch and dinner parties, some special events, going to the gym, yoga, walking, church, and so on. After that – use this list when disassembling your wardrobe or going shopping. If a piece of clothing does not fit minimum to 3 situations in which you find yourself during the week than avoid buying it. You need to choose clothes that combine with most items. For example, a white T-shirt may have multipurpose – be suitable to wear it to the gym, with jeans and a blazer or with an appropriate skirt for a party. Shop wisely!

The 2nd idea of style selection: In order to start something new, you need to get rid of the old clothes first. Meticulously look through the contents of your closet and without any hesitations get rid of what you have not worn once during the last year. In case you have sentimental memories associated with your cloth you can sell it online, bring to the consignment shop, give it someone or just donate. So, now you can begin to create a wardrobe that will reflect your personality.
Exercise for you: take a few garbage bags (you can call a friend for help) and mark each one with the tag “Give,” “Throw,” “Sell,” “Take to the consignment shop.”
After you remove your closet from unsorted clothes, you will feel ready to look for yourself. You will immediately feel how easy it is to select an image when you have only the most beloved and suitable items in front of you!

The 3rd idea of style selection: Your clothing size should not limit your style searches. I mean, the quest for style should not limit your body size. Completely different images can be created for women of different statuses. The most important thing is your self-confidence. Some women, when they come to the clothing store, buy items marked with a smaller size. The logic is: “I have size 42 (European, 8-10 American), but I will take a dress of the 40/8 size – I will lose 3-5 kg and then everyone will think that I am slim.”

Remember, no one knows what clothing size you are actually wearing. After all, loose close looks better and as the result, you will look more attractive than wearing a smaller size. Tide cloth is usually uncomfortable and does not make you confident. It is about how you feel every day and not the figure. When you are sure of yourself, you seem to become taller, you look slimmer and more graceful, and as the result people notice you. Therefore, I would suggest wearing only cloth that makes you confident and you will feel that you are ready for new achievements.

The last, but not least – ask professionals! In case you are not confident in your abilities and image-knowledge, you should ask for help the professionals. When you want perfect pictures on your wedding day, you hire a photographer. When you want to admire your smile, you go to the dentist. The same goes for style. To get advice on the selection of style, you can go to the nearest boutique with your favorite clothing brand and ask for advice from their consultants. You can also write in the online forums on the image and ask the participants to share ideas that you might come up with.

In addition, You can write to me and together we can figure out the best way how to create your personal style. Please, send the request to to know more about my services. And alwasys keep in mind we are not well-dressed unless we smile. Nothing is impossible, be stylish, be you!

Thanks for reading me


Dear Readers,

Miraculous 4.5 rooms apartment on the 1st floor with the panoramic view on the Zurich Lake and mountains is FOR SALE!

Are you looking for a quality of life, harmony and exclusiveness and a peaceful luxury place to move in? Then, your dream home, the PENINSULA BEACH HOUSE in Wädenswil awaits you! Wädenswil has a very high quality of life and is situated on the shores of Lake Zurich close by Zürich, Zug, Schwyz, and Rapperswil – Switzerland. The location proposes a successful interplay between diverse cultural offerings and leisure activities as well as the tranquility of the lake. The building project was realized in December 2014 and presents timeless and modern architecture. The complex was created according to the newest standards of technology and complies with the Minergie know-how. The compositions of 23 miraculous and carefully planned apartments present a luxury and carefree at titan due to life with an astonishing panoramic view of the Lake any more mountains. You home will be a protected green oasis of value architecture, contemporary exterior & interior design and safety. Another highlight of the residential infrastructure is the private well being (SPA) and fitness area of 430 sqm. It contains an indoor pool of 20m, a small relaxing pool, and a squash court. Furthermore, there is an extensive selection of fitness equipment available. The sauna at the lounge area completes the all-round well-being package and is supplemented by the wellness garden of 530 sqm with direct access to the lake with wonderful created landscape architecture.

We are glad to offer you the apartment surrounded by green landscaped gardens directly by the lake on the 1st floor of the Peninsula Beach House. The apartment contains 4.5 rooms with an area of 185 sqm and a terrace of 23 sqm. It consists of the master bedroom with a separate dressing room, private terrace access, bathroom with bathtub and shower. Furthermore, there are two bedrooms with separate dressing rooms and a common bathroom with shower. The high-end kitchen from Poggenpohl and the real wooden parquet provide a feel-good atmosphere in the large living- and dining room of 55 sqm. There are an obligatory washing machine and tumbler inside the apartment. The apartment is created in the simple elegance and contains minimum furniture.

The floor-to-ceiling windows make the absolute overwhelming view towards the lake and the mountains possible. Heat insulated, sound-proof windows ensure thermal and acoustic comfort and energy efficient devices guarantee minimal energy consumption. The apartment includes not only a top-quality alarm system but also two parking places in the basement garage with direct access from the garage into the apartment. Furthermore, there is also a discreet and direct achievement of the private well being and fitness zone.

This truly magnificent place for Your home will certainly become the beloved one for your family and friends. In order to discuss the details and see the plans and the apartment, please contact:

Harald Herbon
Real Estate Manager
Mobile: +41 79 854 88 20
Dream home for sale!

Fashion shows – the progress of style or just an art performance?

Dear Readers,

The Haute Couture Shows and designers presentations have recently finalized the new fashion trends and waves of the upcoming Spring 2019. However, you might have questioned yourself what this Fashion Shows for and why are they so important and most of the times strange?

For instance, last season new Gucci collection has been demonstrated by models, which carried an identical copy of their own heads in their hands. Moreover, this year, the most remarkable was a show where models demonstrated the clothes with 3 breasts and it was a part of Milan Fashion Week. London and Paris fashion shows weeks were also odd starting from the places of presentations and ending by unusual appearance of models and their attire.

Due to the competitive environment among designers, everyone is trying to be original and creative and sometimes overdoing it. For example, Calvin Klein show this season looked like he gathered all the items from his collections at once and distributed the clothes among the models. This “cabbage” look was also recommended as the office wear. So it is, in fact, a very good logical question – why do designers show on the catwalk ridiculous and/or insane collections that no one will ever wear? As well as those events seem to be organized for a “chosen” people nowadays. It was impossible for me to get any tickets for the Paris Fashion Week, although we contacted the official representatives and no one even replied with courtesy.
So the first thing that should be understood is simply why do we need the fashion shows? Well, it is important to read between the lines and realize that any show is not just a demonstration of clothes from the new collection. The message that fashion-designers want to convey to the viewers is a certain idea. They can choose any topic from the past, present and/or the future. For instance, they can show the contradiction between femininity visions of the 50s in comparison to the punk image. By thinking out-of-the-box designers convey the thoughts through art and implement it in their performances. I believe it is a holistic approach that makes the show an art. Like detailed scenario describing the music under which the models walk, the place itself and overall stylization and decoration. We can measure the achievement of the goal by the degree the designer managers to transfer the viewer to another world/reality and emotionally affect him/her.

Moreover, it is a known fact that in order to sell at a higher price, there should be a story, the image, and emotions behind that item. So that is why some shows do in fact look really weird. Epatage as a new trend – is the main driver of the original fashion designers. Newcomers are bold and brave and are not afraid to experiment with new technologies and/or ideas. For example, Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen, Demna Gvasalia, Raf Simons and many other designers and brands continue to create something special and new. Innovative things always look strange and therefore, for most people, such designs look too radical.

However, if we go back to the history, my favorite Coco Chanel (which today perceived by the majority as a classic representative of fashion), was originally also considered a scandalous fashion designer. She offered to wear fashionable clothes made from jersey. However, at that time jersey fabric was mainly worn by the poor. So, when a designer on the catwalk shows his/her idea outrageously – the new fashion trend is usually born.

For example, Andre Kurezh in the 60s showed a space collection on the podium (which was completely new and strange at that time). As a result, this trend became fashionable instantly. However, nowadays almost always after the show on the catwalks; the trend begins to reproduce in a more wearable version so-called – the mass-market of the brand (prêt-a-porter). For example, a model wrapped in the white fluff from head to toe in the usual mass market shop will be represented as a white top with a small trim in the form of white feathers along the edge.

In conclusion, I will say that the collection is a work of art and the clothing is the way to materialize it. Earlier, drawings and later paintings were simply a way of conveying information, and only, later on, became the subject of admiration. These pieces of art produced by designers are usually bought by museums and/or art connoisseurs for a great amount of money! However, the majority of the designed models have democratic lines that are more wearable and better understood by the ordinary people thanks to whom money is made for creativity. Be happy, be original, be art!

Thanks for reading me

Vetements – anti brand of Paris fashion or a breath of freedom?

Dear Readers,

The Haute Couture fashion week in Paris came to its end and finalized the new trends and waves of the upcoming Spring 2019. However, today I wanted to talk about young and progressive French brand Vetements that is known to be a “riot against” the fashion rules. There is a great saying that in order to break the rules, you need to know them. The Georgian brothers Demna and Goran Gvasalia, the founders of the brand know the rules very well and use them to create the unusual cloth that is comfortable to wear.

Vetements is pronounced as vet-mahn, and in French means “clothes”. The simple name of the brand contradicts the complexity of collections. Demna graduated from the famous Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts and back in 2009 he gathered friends at his apartment to create a “more pragmatic” fashion that would be suitable for the younger generation. All of them had professional experience with famous fashion houses by that time, such as Maison Margiela, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, and Céline.

Vetements as a brand was created in 2014 with a rebellious mood against fashionable, as well as generally accepted standards of beauty, harmony, style, and proportion in clothing. The team managed to raise the entire fashionable crowd literally on their ears for three seasonal shows. It is, in fact, a paradox, that the things, which are made from simple materials, cotton, knitwear, denim, leather, or converted from vintage items of other brands, turn out to be the unique pieces and desired clothes for many “stars” and famous fashionistas, who literally chase them.

“It seems that there was a niche of people who wanted just clothes,” Gvasalia seriously said in an interview. “At some point, I realized: if I continue what I was doing and will embody other people’s” complex “ideas, I will begin to hate my work.” The first Vetements collection was presented in 2014. It was dedicated to the passion of the day off. Having no money for the show it was organized in Demna’s apartment in Paris. And only the photographer received the payment, all the others were offered to take clothes. The collection did not go unnoticed – Demna recalls that 27 buyers came to see it, however, no investors were found at that time.

Two years later, when Vetements already thundered in France, they re-released that very first collection with the same photographer and model Maud Escudie. However, the collection was not fully presented, since most of the clothes were distributed in 2014. However, the famous “evening hoodie” with too long sleeves, trench coats with strange proportions, battered boots with lighters instead of heels remained. The New York Times called it “fashion with aggressive street sophistication.” “It’s easy to call us anti because we’re a little out of the system,” explains Gvasalia. “But we are in the system. We are part of it. We play the game, just play it according to our rules. ”

So what can be the secret of the Vetements growing popularity? I believe that the creators managed to grope the hooligan mood that is inherited in the majority of human’s personalities. At the moment of fashion mood fatigue, including luxury brands, tiredness from canons, laws and generally accepted standards. This thought and feelings are more common for so-called creative circles, residents of urban jungles, not constrained by the dress code. Of course, after all, putting on an asymmetrical shirt with a sleeve till the floor will not occur with the managers or the secretary at the office. It is rather to the taste of fashionable party people and/or famous singers, freelance artists and/or anyone with freelance creative orientation. Moreover, the designers of Vetements do not overlook the adherents of the classics and offer this segment almost classic thing that necessarily contains some “defect”, asymmetry of cut, for example.

From my point of view, clothing brand Vetements has deliberately brutal style. However, it is comfortable and versatile. As well as dresses, sweatshirts can be also transformers, they can be worn in the five or six options, and you can think of your own. The creators say that the structure of the collection is similar to the designer LEGO, things can be combined with each other as you like. Sets of jackets and jeans, sweatshirts and pants, hoodie and tops are mixed in any variants and are unisex. Vetements intends to work in the ready-to-wear segment and does not strive to create clothing for celestials and art-dress haute couture objects.

Collection Vetements Spring-Summer 2019 in Paris was in the theme of – “I dedicate this collection to Georgia,” said Gvasalia. “It was extremely easy to work on because all these images would be suitable for a documentary about me.”

Features of the Vetements brand that distinguish it from all the others are: overseas cubed; maximum asymmetry; deliberate negligence and absurdity of cut and form; minimalism; plain ordinary materials; some things are derived from vintage items from other brands; small batches, the uniqueness of each thing. It is important to mention, that in today’s conditions of market overcrowding with all kinds of brands, including expensive and authoritative ones, to become noticeable and popular in such a short time is an incredible achievement. Moreover, the designer of the brand Vetements clearly succeeded in that. However, whether they will be able to hold their positions and the bar of high quality of things and whether they will occupy the declared niche for a long is the matter of time.

Demna Gvasalia released on the podium couriers from DHL and real people as the models. Perhaps that is how he will go down in history. Yes, and Floral boots and named socks are also their work. I personally love wearing Vetements cloth and for me, it is the reflection of freedom and intelligence. The prices for this clothes are high, however the quality too. Be happy, be Vetements, be you!

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Pinnacle of the Fashion Season 2018: Paris Fashion Week (PFW)

Dear Readers,

Today I am excited to tell you about the pinnacle of the Fashion Season, the most awaited and private event – Paris Fashion Week (PFW) 2018. Followed by New York, London, and Milan, Paris – is the final performance projecting Spring/Summer 2019 trends.

Let’s travel to the history a bit, so the Fashion Week in Paris is relatively a young event. The first review of the couturiers’ achievements was offered in 1973 here in comparison with the New York Fashion Week that has a history since 1943. From that time on the regular basis twice a year Fashion weeks are organized. In late February, Autumn/Winter collections of the next season are represented and at the end of September, Spring/Summer of the next year, respectively.

Among the regularly represented collections at the Fashion Week in Paris are fashion houses Cristian Dior, Chanel, Balmain, Nina Ricci, Louis Vuitton, Thierry Mugler, Chloé, Balenciaga, Valentin Yudashkin and many other iconic brands of the French and Worldwide couture.

The main venue for the events of the fashion week in Paris is the trade fair complex “Carousel of the Louvre”, located under the Tuileries Garden. In addition, mostly designers prefer to choose unexpected places for their defile and especially famous for this mischievous John Galliano and Jean Paul Gaultier.

Fashion Week in Paris, along with three other major events of the world “haute couture” – weeks of fashion in New York, London and Milan – a guiding thread for fashionists and fashionistas from all around the world. For seven days in the spring and autumn, the French capital dictates fashion trends for the next season, buyers acquire the latest creations of designers and aspiring to join the fascinating world of high sewing, the public as crazy rushes from one show to another. Let’s say at once: it’s almost impossible to get to the displays of the Paris Fashion Week for a mere mortal – but at this time you can enjoy the inexpressible atmosphere of luxury, fun and waggishness of the French capital.

In addition to the fact that the Paris Fashion Week is the main and most ambitious event of the fashion industry, it is also an important social event in which brands hold numerous parties, presentations and gala evenings that gather the most stylish representatives of the fashion industry, cinema, music and show business. However, Paris Fashion Week is the most closed event from other similar weeks. The displays are arranged for buyers, celebrities and the press only.

If you want to come to the Fashion Week in Paris – it is really easy. However, to visit any of the private shows is nearly impossible for common people. Nevertheless, I would highly suggest you to experience this incredible festive atmosphere, the real triumph of fashion, beauty and femininity, rather than visiting specific displays at least once in your life.

If you have decided to come, make sure first to book accommodation in advance. It is certain that in the center of Paris, all decent hotels will be occupied by a fashionable cohort, so it is worth looking for hotels located closer to the outskirts of the French capital. In addition, the Guest Card of Paris will give you the right to travel on municipal transport for free. Finally, a close study of the official site of the Fashion Week in Paris will guide you in the dates of the shows and help you plan your time wisely. Be fashion, be Paris, be love!

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