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Selecting a HAT!

Dear Reader,

Through the years of my life, I have been magically attracted to one of my favorite accessory that represents power and authority – the hat. Due to the fact that it covers the head, where the thoughts are born and it is believed when the hat is changed opinion is changed. As well as, when someone tries your hat, he/she will know what are thinking about.

The covered head represents humbleness, nobility, and style. Moreover, different hats signify different orders within the social hierarchy in the past. It is also a known fact that taking off the hat, when entering the building is the representation of respect and etiquette knowledge. The history of the hat goes back to Egypt, 3200 BC and for those who want to know more are welcomed to click the link

Hats are made of different materials, produced in various forms and sizes and serve many reasons.  Such as, the protection from the weather conditions (sun, rain, wind, snow); as the religious attribute – when entering church (orthodox) woman have to cover their head; it also represents the safety and hygiene function for some professions and/or can be a fashion accessory!

There are  several commonly known types of hats. They are, military (peaked caps or brimmed hats), hard hats (protection function), cowboy hats (sun and rain protection), Ushanka – Russian fur hat with fold-down earflaps keep the head and ears warm; Ceremonial hats – for graduation students; Professional hats like Toque that is worn by chefs.

I think that many individuals are scared of wearing hats, because they think that it will not suit them. Contrary, the right hat can actually enhance your appearance and contribute to your overall look by balancing out your face shape and frame of the hat.  Below, I have gathered several guidelines that will help you to discover the way to your best hat look!

It is essential to choose the correct hat for your face and figure type. So, proportion – is the key when selecting the hat. It is vital to consider your facial structure and shape overall. If you have a small face, you should choose a smaller hat. Conversely, if you have a large face, you should choose a larger, more remarkable hat. No matter what your size or features, a hat should be no wider than the width of your shoulders. Here are some tips. If you are petite than choosing hats with a low profile crown and a small brim is the right thing. Stay away from big hats since they can overpower you. Many cloche style hats are particularly flattering on a petite frame.

If you are tall than hats with a wide brim and a shorter crown would be your best choice. Avoid narrow and angular shaped hats. For the full figured:  full brimmed hats that are wide can help balance your shape.

In case you have sharp angled features, choose hats with asymmetrical lines. I would suggest, looking for the hats with the design features like folds, pleating or curves, that will help soften your face. You can try one of those: Gathered Newsboy Hat and/or Trinity Turban.

In conclusion, when selecting a hat consider style, color, and comfort of the item. A hat should be suitable for YOU, simple and casual in neutral color, or a color that matches majority of your outfits. The fabric/material of the hat should be natural, breathable and suitable for daily use. I would suggest basic neutral hats, which can be added with accessories and be used for many looks. Be different, be hat, be you!


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Fingerless Gloves/Mitaines/Half gloves will keep you warm and trendy

Dear Reader,

As the winter continues, it is important to protect your hands and one of the best ways to do so is by using Fingerless gloves that are both functional and trendy. Mitaines (from French) – a pair of gloves with their fingers “cut off” at varying lengths, keep hands warm and protect without hindering the movement of the fingers.

Initially, fingerless gloves derived from the classical version for the purpose of doing the type of works that required the movement of the fingers. However, in the 18-19th centuries, mitaines served more as a fashionable and esthetical accessory rather than functional. It is hard to pinpoint the exact moment when they started to appear. However, its popularity peaked in the middle of 80th. The main two types that were commonly used are simply knitted mitts and lace ones. The length of them varied from the short, to the middle of the arm, or even the elbow. Today fingerless gloves are widely used by man and woman. Sportsman: bikers, cyclists, sailors, fighters, fashinatas’ and many others love this vital attire detail that is blended with meaning.

There are various types of half-gloves. They are leather (my favorite), laced, knitted and woolen.  The most common and widely used is a leather half-gloves. They are worn by drivers, bikers, marksmen and other cool people who need some hand protection, but finger dexterity is important. Black leather gloves (optionally decorated with rivets, studs and other metal fittings that turn a glove into a kind of brass knuckle) are also loved by Goths, punks, metalworkers and other informal people who borrowed this accessory, like black leather outfit, from bikers. In reality, leather gloves without fingers definitely a sign of toughness. However, gold, silver or any other color as well as decorations make this hard element a fashion accessory.

Laced half-gloves serve mainly as a fashionable ladies accessory, covering the hand, but showing rings and manicure. Black lace gloves are loved by elegant gothic individuals. Contrary white and/or cream are suitable for angel-like inguenu.

Knitted or/and woolen half-gloves are the most practical and clean option. They are worn mainly for heat, and are loved for this by the representatives of the urban bottom.

Half-gloves can be of a various length, types, materials and shapes. They are widely used in the show and entertainment industries and are loved by many cultures and its popularity is rising worldwide due to the comfort of using touch screens in the cold rooms and seasons. I love mitaines too and consider them an important element of showing your mood and character. Be bold, be seen, stay warm!


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For the shoe lovers: luxury boutique in Vienna.

Dear Reader,

New Year is the magic time of changes and transformation. The start of a new cycle, formation of the fresh ideas, wishes and aims. As a fashion influencer, I believe that clothes we wear show our positioning and represent our message to the outer world. Appropriate image is an important contribution to any target that will ease the reach! How to start the creation of a new look? From where to start and what is important? As a reminder the fashion formula consists of: the base wardrobe +outwear & shoes + details (accessories).

Today I am happy to announce that I am opening new rubric – best shops around the world! And I believe it is vital to start with one of the most important elements of any look – shoes. The first thing that people pay attention to when they see you the first time is your shoes! Therefore it is really a must to have good quality, expensive and comfortable shoes. So where and how to start the search? The findings of “Your” brands and shops are the solution and the key to your fashionable look and success!

I would highly recommend you to visit one of the best shoe shops in Europe – Dinnes boutique . Located in the historic heart of Vienna – this cozy and chic place has a great range of world’s famous luxurious brands and designers.  DINNES as a premier fashion luxury retailer has really a lot to offer including matching accessories. The customer service representatives are the fashion professionals, who speak various languages and have the solution for every individual. The exclusiveness and customer orientated approach of this shop start from the design concept of 2 French designers Jerry Pellerin and Kevin and finish with the light and coloring psychology to please and welcome the guests. Being a shoe lover, when I am in Vienna, I always come to Dinnes boutique! I feel welcomed and it is easy to find exclusive and trendy pieces of art here, be that – shoes, handbags or other creative details.

I love this luxury fashion brands boutique for everything starting from the beautiful owner – Innes Dudakova, who is the x-model with an excellent taste and deep understanding of the style and fashion. I highly recommend you to visit this modern and warm boutique to treat yourself. Please follow the link here to learn and see more:

Love yourself, be the best version of yourself in the luxury shoes from Dinnes Boutique!


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What to wear for the New Year’s Eve 2019?

Dear Reader,

For some of you 2018 was a year of success, others met difficulties and obstacles or maybe have not even noticed how it passed. I would like to congratulate you with the end of 2018 and to thank you for supporting and reading me. Now, is the right time to take a break from the work and make a detailed analysis of achieved goals as well as make plans and targets for the next year!

For me, 2018 has been productive and busy year and I am happy to announce that I will be launching new online program “Personal Shopper” in January 2019 for you! In addition, I also do “Live Shopping” with you – all the detailed information will be e-mailed to you upon request I will be also surprising you with new projects, trainings, consultations and master classes aimed to help you to find yourself in the world of fashion and style.

Moreover, today I would like to talk about the most recent issue – what to wear for the New Year’s Eve in order to look stylish and remarkable?  This question has been probably in your mind for a month now and for those who still in search here is the quick solution from me.

First of all we need to understand where you are planning to meet the New Year. This is the base of your look and it should be appropriate to the situation and place. For instance the attire in-home varies from the corporate or closed party look. Well, let’s see what the fashion world has to offer.

Sequin – is the recent fashion trend that tells us to shine! On the New Years Eve and holidays in any setting would be a great choice. It can be the whole dress or partially, pantsuit embroidered with sequin details and/or ornaments. In case you want to be modest I would recommend adding accessories like handbag and/or shoes decorated with sequins. In any case you will look bright and stylish with sequins.

For those, who like rich and luxurious look, I would recommend – velvet of bright colors. Velvet dress of green or Bordeaux colors will be irresistible and fashionable for the New Year’s Eve!  

Long and midi skirts made from silk combined with crop tops and sconces will give a stunning and relaxed image for those, who want to be noticed and feel comfortable at the party. For the nightclub lovers – sequin leggings combined with again crop tops and scones will give you ease and shine that is required for this ambiance.

For those, who consider themselves extraordinary I would recommend dress with ostrich feathers as a part of bottom or finishing for the New Years Celebration. This elegant image will give you a look of a Goddess!

Since the upcoming 2019 is the Year of Earth Pig/Boar, I would suggest natural colors like brown, yellow, terracotta, orange, beige, various shades of coffee, golden colors. However, due to the fact that Chinese New Year will come at the end of January – beginning of February, I would suggest wearing anything you like and want to meet 2019! Please, keep in mind that we are creating the atmosphere, so the mood is the core of the success! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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The best shopping tips or how to shop for clothes!

Dear Reader!

December is the magical time of sales and is the best time to shop. Whether you are renewing and/or adding some special clothes and accessories to you base wardrobe or looking for something specialfor Christmas and New Year Eve. In order to look good you just need to know howto match the cloth from various brands and it does not have to be designers’clothes. Therefore, I have prepared several tips of how to shop best in the inexpensivemass marketing shops like Bershka, Promode, Zara, H&M, New Yorker, etc.  In such shops, on one hand, there are a lot ofthings, and on the other hand, most of them are of the same type and lookcheap.

Mass market segment stores are specialty brand chains that sell a variety of items at affordable prices. They work on the volume and cheapening of the cost of goods/clothes principles. That means that they produce a large number of the same type of things/clothes, where only some details and colors change (in my experience of researching similar stores in different countries, the range is mostly more or less the same). Cheap fabrics, the technology of tailoring and typical patterns of things are used. The stores have a very large assortment of various items, many of which look fashionable, but not of a very high-quality.

So what should be your strategy of shopping in stores of that kind?

1. Define your style and image in advance. Despite the fact that many people do shopping intuitively and spontaneously, you need to go to cheap stores, having thought out your style and image beforehand. You should think about the image, the feelings and understand what impression you want to make on others. Making a list in advance of items you want to buy, including colors, textures and silhouettes will make your life easier.

2. Deselect those things that you should and will not buy in the mass-market stores.

There is a list of things that should not be bought in mass-market stores due to the fact that the manufacturer saves on the cost of things: chooses cheap fabrics, parts and finishes. One of them is the imitation of leather items. Do not buy clothes from faux leather in mass-market stores,unless these are shoes and bags. Shoes and bags can be made of leathersubstitutes, but they must be of some unusual color, shape, form, etc.

Please try to avoid buying brand imitations. For example, alike material with small logos all over the item like in Louis Vuitton or Gucci. Such things are easily  seen as fake and form rather negative opinion about your taste and style.

Belts are almost always mass-produced from leatherette, which is of poor quality. The metal buckle quickly peels off and breaks.

Avoid clothes from synthetic stretching lace and transparent things, through which you can see the underwear.

Clothes and items from shiny materials often look cheap. Keep away from T-shirts with strange inscriptionsor with inscriptions and logos of known and unknown brands. In general, thingswith large logos, even from original boutiques, look pretty cheap. Rememberthat the Dolce & Gabbana lettering on the whole back, straps with largebuckles with the word Gucci emphasize the bad taste.

For a basic wardrobe, a white /black T-shirt is enough; a colored T-shirt immediately makes look cheap. Some more things to pass up: colored hoodies, faded denim miniskirts, leopardcardigans, useless sleeveless cardigans of bright colors that are not quiteclear how and what to wear with, sunglasses (which can also impose vision),colorful plastic bracelets that are in almost every store.

My suggestions: when choosing items in the store, pay attention to their quality. As has been mentioned above, mass-market items manufacturers usually try to choose the cheapest fabrics and accessories. So pay special attention to the quality of clothes: lines should be smooth there must be no thread sticking out of the product there should be no puffs buttons must be intact it is better not to choose things with a large amount of metal trim (zippers, riveting, buttons). Usually, factories choose cheap metal fittings that quickly peel off and break. In case of costume jewelry – no glue or plastic uncut edges should be visible. Some people think that if things are not visible from afar, then the product is suitable. Just because of such details, the whole image looks cheap.

Secrets: Often, manufacturers love to make clothes on elastic band avoiding the customization for the figure. Black elastic black gives a cheap look, so I recommend covering it with a quality belt.

However, usually the mass market produces jeans of a good quality, just try to find the right model for you. Using multilayer can hide the cheapness of things. For example, not a very well-tailored dress looks better with a jacket on top. In case you are wearing individual things (only a dress and shoes for example), they should be made of high-quality fabric and fit you perfectly.

The bigger the size, the greater the risk of looking cheap in mass-market things, because things don’t hold big shapes well. Mature women should be more attentive when shopping at mass market stores. It is a fact that in youth the carelessness and untidiness of a girl is forgiven and no longer permissible for an elegant adult woman. Stay warm, choose wisely, and be stylish!


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How to dress to look slimmer?

Dear Reader,

Christmas is in the air and most of you, including me, have forgotten about their discipline and diet due to the magic vibes and sweet and merry mood! Winter is the time when body urges to keep warmth and due to the cold weather, there is no wish and consequently time of going to the gym. The fight between brain and natural instincts take place. Knowing that any woman would like to lose a few pounds/kilograms and look slimmer than now. However, there is no time for it and  I have decided to share with you the secret formula of how to look slimmer without dieting and fitness, just by choosing the right clothes!

Today, I will convey the most common mistakes that we all do when we want to look slimmer. The first is that we strongly believe that wearing black will make us look slimmer and hide extra pounds/kilograms that we have gained. The problem here is that dress in black all the time makes you look gloomy, boring and too serious.

The second mistake is to wear oversized, unisex clothes with no particular shape. You might think that the more voluminous the clothes are, the more it covers your body and therefore the slimmer you seem. However, it actually works the opposite way – a woman wearing clothes that do not fit in size loses the shape and rather looks like a piano covered by a veil).

The third mistake is avoiding experimenting and dressing only in basic and very simple things. That represents that you are afraid of everything that is fashionable and bright. I can assure you that understanding of how to match the colors and styles will help you to hide extra pounds by wearing bright clothes and accessories. I strongly believe that each woman with any type of the figure is beautiful.  Moreover, it is an art to understand and to know how to properly shape your figure.

The main rule is how to look slimmer is to remember the most important rule of all European stylists – “camouflage technique”. Using this approach means not to close yourself with black voluminous things when you are not visible in them, but to disguise what you do not like in the figure and transfer the focus to your merits.

How does this technique work? Firstly, we need to identify those parts of the body that seem to be imperfect to you. Most likely you have a long list and know the answer to this question. Contrary, we need to determine your strengths. That might seem like a more difficult task. I would suggest emphasizing on those parts of your body that seem beautiful to you. For example, this can be hair, legs, wrists, hands, legs,hips, breast, waist, etc. So, when choosing what to wear choose darker colors and shades for the voluminous parts of the body. I would suggest selecting from black, dark blue, dark brown, dark gray, etc. Contrary, on those parts of your body that are your virtues, you will put on clothes and accessories with prints and patterns of a bright color.

Basic and simple things should be a part of your silhouette and design on those parts of your body that you feel are uncomfortable with and fashionable and original clothes will highlight your merits. This way, you will avoid the look of a gray boring mouse, present your body in a winning way and be perceived as fashionable and modern woman.

For example, for those with big hips, but beautiful breast, I would recommend wearing a simple black A-line skirt and a striped top. Complete your look with a red jacket and necklace. That way you will divert attention from the hips to the top of your figure and show off a beautiful chest.

In case you have beautiful legs, but broad shoulders – wear a black long-sleeve base top and a bright and stripe midi skirt. All attention will be focused on the legs and the unusual skirt. Noone will notice the problem shoulders.

If you desire to hide your belly and you have slender legs – put on a black simple tunic-dress on unusual pants with a bright print. By covering the belly and visually making it slimmer the focus will fall on slender legs.

In cases when you do not like anything in yourself – you can make accessories as a focal point. I suggest going for the bright and fashionable accessories that will lead the eye away from your figure – an unusual scarf, original earrings, designer bracelet, bright red gloves, and shoes with laces.

Moreover, within a month I am planning to launch an online course on how to find your personal style and I will teach you how to shop properly. To know more about my Personal Shopper online Master Class follow me on Instagram #lenlenstyle or write me an e-mail: Love yourself, be happy, be Christmas!


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THANKSGIVING GIVEAWAY from Lenlenstyle in corporation with FEMME LUXE, London

Dear Reader,

Today I am happy to announce the winners of the Thanksgiving Giveaway! Wonderful dresses from the Femmeluxefinery were presented to the @priyanka.thapa, @jaspreet.k.brar, and @mariabuchwal.

However, in order to get stylish dresses from @femmeluxefinery & #Luxegal, those fashionistas had to answer different questions about fashion and style that I have been posting on my Instagram page three days in a row. The majority of the answers could have been found in my blog, here). The Thanksgiving Giveaway dates were: Sunday – the 18th of November, Monday – the 19th of November and Tuesday the 20th of November. 3 days – 3 questions, the winners were announced on the 22nd of November on the Thanksgiving date! After that 48 hours were given to claim the present and yesterday all the lucky winners have received their deserved awards. I have contacted all of the girls and asked them about the giveaway and the dresses, below are the quotes from all of them. As well as I will give my comments & suggestions for each dress and what it is best to wear with.

Priyanka: “A friend of mine told me about this wonderful giveaway and I did not expect to win. I am truly happy to receive a warm and stylish dress as a present on such a special day. I am thankful to my friend, #lenlenstyle for the organization and to #Luxegal, @femmeluxefinery for an awesome gift. It really made my day! The quality of the dress is impressive, it is cozy and trendy – I love it! Thank you, everyone!”
Priyanka is the winner of Black Cable Knit Jumper Dress – Winter Collection:

Priyanka, this dress is perfect for winter and it will keep you warm. The universal black color gives you the choice of wearing it daily as a cable knit jumper dress on top of the high-rise slim pants. Moreover, figure-hugging fabric and cable knit detail create a statement from day to night dress. I would suggest to team it up with some chic over the knee boots, for a totally chilled vibe.

Maria: “I love presents and I always search for the giveaways on Instagram. I was very glad to find lenlenstyle giveaway before the Thanksgiving Day! Since I do believe in miracles I was hoping to win a dress. I do a lot of visualizations and meditations, so I went to the website and looked for the collections and dresses that they have. I was really happy that every day lenlenstyle had different questions and links for the dresses that way I had a choice. My favorite color is white, so I have hoped to get the Cream Bodycon Long Sleeve Jumper Dress, and I did! I was amazed when the results were announced. The dress itself is of a good quality, warm and multifunctional – you can wear it with on top of the pants as the long sweater or as a separate dress. I really appreciate that gift. Thank you #lenlenstyle and @femmeluxefinery, #Luxegal.”
Maria got the following dress:

This cream Bodycon Long Sleeve Jumper Dress will keep your autumn styling looking hot as it can be this season, Maria. With the luxe figure-hugging fit and long sleeves, this hot jumper dress is an essential in your Autumn/Winter 2018 wardrobe. I would suggest to wear it over the tide black, silver, green or any color jeans or/pants for a daily look. By teaming this hot jumper mini dress up with some over the knee boots – this look will become a perfect night out styling. Metallic accessories will help to take this affordable jumper dress to the next level.

Jaspreet: “I have participated in this giveaway thanx to my friend, who mentioned me in the comments. I did not expect to win. I have answered the question about the favorite brand of the Fashion Influencer #lenlenstyle and it was right! Well, I really did not expect it to be true. I have participated in giveaways before and there was a great competition. Therefore, it was really unexpected for me. Yesterday, I have received a wonderful Button Detail, Wrap Dress. Thank you!”
Jaspreet got this dress:

Dear Jaspreet, this dress with its luxe black coloring and perfect button detailing this wrap-effect dress will become essential in your autumn/winter 2018 wardrobe. I would suggest you wear this hot dress with some lace-up heels for the magic night out style. Alternatively, you can wear it with perspex heels and metallic accessories for a Christmas night look.

I am glad that this spontaneous cooperation with brought joy and fashion delight to those wonderful ladies. In such moments I realize that life is about giving and that why it is called a PRESENT! Be happy, be fashion, there will be more follow me on Instagram #lenlenstyle, #Influencer, #Personalshopper.


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High waist jeans: how to choose and what to wear it with?

Dear Reader,

There is a saying – there’s never a new fashion but it’s old. It is a known fact, that fashion designers often return to the past and present an “old dish with a new sauce”. The example of it is a modern trend “jeans with high waist” or so-called “high rise”. Therefore, questions about how to choose the right model and with what to wear such a style are still relevant. This form is suitable for both slim types and middle-sized ladies. In addition, high waist jeans help to hide the imperfections of the figure.

So, the question is how to choose a good pair of jeans? In fact, the selection is a serious process. I would suggest you, before going to the store think about it, write, visualize until you will get the understanding of what features should your future high waists model have.

When choosing denim trousers with high-rise take into consideration the following parameters: Pants width, like any traditional jeans, high-waist models can be narrow, wide and/or flared. If any of those do not suit you than high-waist jeans of the same kind should not be your choice. Tight slim pants adorn the owners of slender legs and those with “pear” and “apple” figure types will look stunning in the spacious models.

Figure type: The owners of the “sandglass” figure do not need to worry too much when choosing a suitable model. However, those of you with the type of “apple” and/or “pear” should be more attentive. For the ladies with a problem area around the waist – narrow slim fitting with a high-rise is prohibited. Those with pronounced hips also should turn their gaze in the direction of straight cut trousers or flared trousers. For the representatives of the “inverted triangle,” figure high-rise jeans will be suitable. Moreover, the proper selection of the top outfit together with the oversized trousers belt will emphasize the slimness of the waist and legs.

Material thickness: Items from dense denim can visually eliminate small flaws of the figure and make the look of the waist thinner. Contrary slim summer jeans are unlikely to cope with this task. They are more for skinny figures. However, stretch models greatly highlight sporty and toned figures, especially in the autumn/winter season.

Colors: As with traditional jeans, bright and bold decisions are more suitable for modern fashionistas with a slim figure. But sometimes an unusual fabric pattern is able to divert attention from a bit plump hips. Today’s trend is monochrome and bright floral prints, geometric shapes.

Presence of accessories: Embroidery, additional buttons, buckles, patch pockets and other decorative elements hide the figure’s flaws and highlight the advantages. Therefore, selecting the desired model, focus on the reflection in the mirror. Traditionally massive and voluminous patch back pockets of the trousers are not suitable for L+.

So, when choosing high-rise jeans in the store, take a few styles to the fitting room with different widths of pants and several colors. Compare 2-3 options and choose the most comfortable item that emphasizes the advantages of YOUR figure. I would suggest taking into account the existing clothes in the wardrobe since knowing in advance what you will wear jeans with will ease your decision making process.

What to wear it with?

High-waist jeans look really stylish and the “bottom” is already interesting and bright, so the rest of the clothing like shoes and accessories should make it even more spectacular and attractive, and in no way “switch” the focus. Each model of jeans in its own way is original and requires compliance with the other elements of the attire.

The combination of style will depend on what style of clothes you wear. High-rise pants are in perfect harmony with the following styles: office, romantic and/or sports. For work and everyday wear, it is better to choose classic jeans of direct cut and combine them with a shirt, or a blouse made of thin fabric. Filling the shirt in the inside of the pants will create emphasize on the waist. Walking around the city will surely give you a good mood if you wear flared jeans or slim jeans, combined with a shirt or a t-shirt with a trendy print. Now, on a cool winter days, a sweater with a long back and a cropped front in a pair with tight high-rise jeans together will certainly bring several enthusiastic looks.

Men’s shirts, cardigans and sweatshirts can also be well combined with this style. A cropped jacket or jacket is able to emphasize the waist and the slim legs. Belt and other accessories will harmoniously complete the image. With high-rise trousers, both narrow belts and wide ones can be worn. Moreover, the elegant strap will further accentuate on the slim waist. The cropped top, fashionable for the past few seasons, is just made for high-rise trousers. A variety of models will help to find your image and call attention to the fit body.

To sum up, when choosing the look with high-rise pants try to keep the focus on the bottom part. Slim fit will look harmonious with a blouse or a free-cut T-shirt (see the photo of mine). However, it will also look great with monophonic tops. I highly suggest to experiment! Be inspired and be free with the high-rise jeans!

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Evolution from Hood to Hoodie/Hoody!

Dear Reader,

The weather dictates the outfit and the most actual and loved items of today are the clothes that include the hood. Nowadays, one of the core and integral part of our basic wardrobe is the hoody, which is way more preferred than the hat! Weather conditions protection, decorations and just an element of the image for certain groups of teenagers – those and other functions make this element beloved detail of their daily look. It lies beautifully on the shoulders, and dressed on the head creates a feeling of security and comfort. Therefore, it is so common in sportswear, the motto of which is: “… convenience and practicality …”.

Moreover, we are so used to wearing relaxed, but the convenient and fashionable cloth that we disregard the origin of many things that seem to be always with us. So let’s figure out when did the hood come to our life? The hood is a piece of material, a folding headdress that is sewn on or fastened to the collar of the clothes. The etymology of the word is associated with the French word “cappuchon” and the Latin caputium translated as the monk hat.

The history of its occurrence goes back into the centuries, has the religious nature and is difficult to establish. The historians take the reference point from ancient Rome and Byzantium times. At that time the noble Romans preferred to leave the proudly raised head uncovered. So the “cuculus” was used only when it was necessary to protect them from scorching rays of sun, rain or wind. Therefore, the ancient hood was the clothing of the common people. However, the practicality of the “cucula” has earned an immense popularity among monasticism (it has become part of the monastic attire) and medieval warriors – the chain mail hood with a crown was an integral part of the battle suit until the appearance of metal armor.

One of the brightest historical episodes associated with the use of the hood as an element of clothing monk. For the church, the hood is a symbol of detachment from the world, spirit, though. The hood had a brown color, a sharp end. Thanks to the pointed hood, one of the monks’ directions were called the Order of the Little Capuchin Brothers, founded in 1527 in Italy.

Contrary, in the Middle Ages, there was a ban on wearing a hat. Hebrews, lepers, sex workers were forbidden to wear it. Only representatives of the clergy and the ruling dynasty possessed the right to wear an expensively decorated cap sewed from expensive silk and decorated with embroidery. Representatives of these classes wore such hats at important occasions and services in the church. The color and regularity were important: the larger the size and lighter the color, the higher the wealth and rank of the host.

For some time hood was also used as an element of mourning clothes till the time it became regulated. People simply chose clothes of darker colors, without decorations. The hood was not worn on the head but simply wrapped around the neck. In Western Europe, wearing hood was the expression of grief. In this case, there were no class restrictions on the wearing of the hood.

At the beginning of our century, Rocky Balboa made his triumphant ascent into the minds of all admirers of American cinema. Work hero, a street thug and a true athlete. His selfless workouts betrayed the Italian district in which he was born. Jogging among the predawn landscapes, he defended himself from the winter cold with warm sweatpants, a warmed cap, and a worn gray hoodie covered with a sweatshirt. Rocky came from nowhere and by perpetuating himself, he perpetuated hoodie.

Subsequently, American football players and athletes began to wear sweatshirts during and after training. What inspired fashion for wearing coarse male sweatshirts among female cheerleaders. And so the hoodies began to enter the daily wardrobe. In the late seventies, on the streets of New York, a strong subculture began to develop, hip-hop, spawned local heroes like Rocky. Hood and pockets, more defense, space for self-isolation. The size of the sweatshirt has increased. And the stars Hip-Hop gave their sweatshirts status.

The hood of the sweatshirt can also work as a cobra hood – to remove it means to prepare for an attack. But even more important is its function to create anonymity shroud. It helped at least for two types of people acting in the urban spawning grounds of hip-hop: the authors of graffiti and the so-called ‘children of the collar’, or robbers, the most positive of them in the ancient times was “Robin Hood”.

By the late 1990s, the growing popularity of hip-hop clothes inspired brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren, and even high-fashion designers like Gucci and Versace, to create their own unique sweatshirts. The latest innovation is a sweatshirt for nursing mothers, with two valves for feeding.
A sweatshirt – as a challenge, insolence and aggression at the beginning, borders on warmth, care and comfort today, as if, recalling Rocky’s cold jogs, during which his beloved, gray, warmed him was warm.

In the modern worldhood is ubiquitous. It has a unique feature to give a sense of security from the outside world, adverse weather conditions. The symbol of freedom, simplicity, comfort, and security today has become a core of the basic wardrobe and sports cloth. I absolutely love its warmth comfort and connection to the inner world that it gives once you cover the head!

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Everything is going to be o’cape!

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There are numerous reasons why cape is a must have in your autumn/winter 2018/2019 wardrobe. There is a saying that everything that becomes to be a trend comes from the past. In ancient times, the main and critical wear of the English knights that were going on long expeditions was a long goat coat with a hood. It served them in many ways – it was warm to sleep and convenient to eat on. In addition, in the wide folds of the cape, the frozen arms and a flask of their favorite whiskey were easily hidden. As well as, the cape protected them both from the sun & heat, moisture & dirt. After the model advancement, it started to be known as the cape and became the “uniform” of nearly all armed forces of the British Empire.

Nobody would ever think that expedition cloth of medieval warrior would turn to the fashionable and loved clothes by both man and woman. However, the 2nd birth of sleeveless coat was brought up to worlds’ podiums in the 20th century by one of the most influential fashion designer – Pierre Cardin. So by the beginning of the XXI century, the meaning of the cape became to be broader – it is any coat, cloak or cape without sleeves with a clasp or slit in the middle.

This season, capes were popular in a big way on catwalks, popping up in multiple forms. Gucci, Givenchy and Clare Waight Keller re-imaged it and created the cape-trench hybrid, while Erdem presented a dramatic option decorated with metallic floral jacquard. Elsewhere, Alberta Ferretti swamped models with capes made from black leather while others sported brown rollneck styles cinched at the waist with skinny belts. The most memorable of all, though, came from Burberry where supermodel Cara Delevingne stormed the runway in a floor-length cape made from rainbow fur and lined with the brand’s infamous check motif.

There are few things to consider in terms of real-life when wearing the cape. I would suggest, to look for the right model, since there are some designs that completely restrict your arms. So try it on and see whether you can handle that slight inconvenience. Before wearing a cape consider having a clutch with you or a handbag, since shoulder bag is likely to slip off. Moreover, in order to even up the proportions of the chunky cape – peg, straight or skinny trousers will work the best. In case of the evening events, I would recommend wide leg trousers with the classical black cape – that would create a sophisticated look.

Moreover, do not confuse cape with a poncho! The cut of the South American cape is a rectangular canvas and mostly the coat without sleeves is tailored to fit the female curves of the body, so it looks more elegant and neater than its fellow from the distant Native American continent. In addition, the cape has the right to buttons, stand-up collars, a hood and other decorations, but the poncho does not. Be in trend wear the cape!

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