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the Parisian streets







With each instance of Paris Fashion Week, that rolls around, the Parisian streets become a runway of their own as the most stylish of the industry attend the top fashion shows. From the luxury fashion houses to edgy French labels, Paris fashion week sees the spring / summer and autumn (fall) / winter collections taking to the runway at both men’s and women’s dedicated fashion weeks. Keep moving so much to share and so much to write.

Pajama style Valentino is my favorite one: butterfly , monkeys always feel happy and comfortable wearing it)

Case in point: the work of Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli of Valentino, who held their show in the blank venue of a tent in the Tuileries.

Exploring the duality of “sensuality and independence” as embodied by women such as Emilie Flöge, the artist and muse of Gustav Klimt, and Celia Birtwell (who collaborated on some prints), the designers created an extraordinary mosaic of black-and-white monasticism mixed with Klimtian luxe.

Working within their trademark silhouette — round neck, small shoulder, high waist — they sent out austere black leather capes over tailored trousers; skirts paved with hundreds of leather and chiffon triangles edged in gold, creating a stained-glass effect on the legs; tunic dresses of 10 different kinds of lace; and red-carpet numbers with feather silks segueing into gold lace.

There were floral prints and soaring dragons, and as a finale there were Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson doing a “Zoolander” strut

Stay tuned working on my new article : summary on fashion shows) a lot of pictures to share from the show …




What to wear for Autumn 2015?


So the main question for everyone is: What to wear for Autumn 2015? I would say, revisit the closet and mix the old with the new as every trend is repeating. Just adding small details or throwing a cool accessory can do the trick. This season, designers presented a stunning variety of style and spectacular shows. Chanel was one of my favorites, fantastic work. You can never be bored with Karl Lagerfeld, he always manages to invent something new and extraordinary. This season, it was the theme La Brasserie Gabriellelocated at the Grand Palais, the biggest exhibition in Paris. Amazing! Elie Saab’s collection was beautiful as usual. Flattering silhouettes in lace and chiffon with gorgeous embroidery, you just want to wear every single dress. Hermes is always classic and elegant. The collection displayed a lot of leather, suede and long silky gowns and iconic silk scarves. What can be better than the collection piece that stays in your closet for years. It’s a timeless luxury! 















Dolce Vita – Paris


Now let’s be honest, girls will be girls so shopping stays a number one priority on the list. You can imagine the stores are overcrowded with people and there’s usually a long wait before you can actually get in. But be certain, it’s all worth it. After all, frenchboutiques are one of the best in the world! A dedicated fashionista like myself always makes sure to select the best outfit options 😉 It is very important to make a memorable impression when you make an appearance everywhere you go, especially on the street. Surrounded by a swarm of photographers, capturing the best style of famous fashionistas and noted editors of the industry. When you make the best dressed list, it almost feels like winning a lottery! It’s funny to see how paparazzi follow the stars in Paris. It is the same in New York, except they do it more discreetly there. 





Paris Fashion Week du Jour

Paris fashion week is one of the most exciting and busiest times of the year! It’s a lot of fun as you meet so many interesting and talented people, run into old friends and make new ones. But of course, it’s all about fashion. Everyone is dressed to impress. Fashion month is so quickly approaching, you hardly have time to pick out what to wear. Preparations start ahead of time, planning the look that is both covetable and stands out. Lots of running around, fittings and shopping, of course! Numerous runway shows and invitations, countless after parties to see and be seen. There’s so much to do and take in! No time for sleep in between the fashion and after shows. Forget about being jet-lagged, we’ll sleep when it’s all over. The schedule is hectic, starting 10 am sharp we need to be in shape and keep going, trying to capture everything we possibly can throughout the day. All of the restaurants are usually full but everyone is happy and having a good time, you can just feel the amazing vibe in the air. It’s a frenzy but a lot of fun, with all the excitement you barely feel any tiredness surrounded by all the beauty, and that’s the best part. And the city itself adds to the fabulousness of it all, with all the breathtaking views and gorgeous crowd it’s always inspiring.  







Are you ready for spring?

Is it spring already? You know the snow is going to melt and the flowers will bloom when your clocks spring ahead! Before you know it, the days will be longer, and the nights will be warmer. Springtime is the time to try out new fashions and completely revamp your wardrobe! It’s up to you to find  a cool new look that will stay the spring months in style! Girl loves spring time so much. Choose right outfit and accessories and give a fresh spring look.

My cute candy outfit makes me feel as a small girl. As the temperatures are rising, we will have to say goodbye to the warm winter outfits, and we should get back to our spring wardrobe. Below you see trendy spring combination (pastel blue, rose and beige)that will give you an inspiration for your outfits . This spring the pastel colors will be really popular, so you should try to add them to your outfit combinations. Also floral patterns are usually associated with spring and summer, so this spring is not the exception. Another trend that never goes out of fashion is denim always love wearing it in different colors.






I am wearing sweatshirt Karssen

Jeans Frame

Shoes Chanel


Navy Look

When it comes to American fashion, nothing defines us better than denim. In fact, we’re willing to bet that no other material can single-handedly conjure up visions of Americana and its storied subcultures better: Greasers, cowboys, hippies, rappers, rockers—they’ve all put their own very different stamp on the same staple, and today, we’re just as connected to our own interpretations of denim , if not more so.

I love skinny jeans and navy color is my favorite one.

OK girls, before we get started, I’m going to let you in a not-so-secret secret: everything works with navy. Well, pretty much everything.

Off the top of my head, I can’t come up with one shade that would be a badchoice. Unless, of course, you kind of just go crazy throwing in bits of this color and bobs of that hue.

But, if you stick to one color family + navy, you really can’t go wrong.

So, instead of telling you what will and won’t work — as I often do in these types of articles — I’m going to highlight a few of my favorite navy-based combinations below.

I also offer you this simple tip that will guarantee success: choose accessories that are in the same color family as your shoes. By limiting your outfit’s palette to only two hues (navy, plus your accent color), you automatically have a winner.

Of course, that’s an easy solution, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the only, or the best, option. It’s just one of many available.

Here is my look)

Coat Chanel

Shoes Chanel

Bag Hermes 

SweatShort A.P.C








cucinelli the label began in 1979

The label that began with a loan and a tiny shop in Sardinia in 1979 has metamorphosed into a fashion stalwart. Mr. Cucinelli started out with a simple idea, selling locally produced cashmere sweaters in a wide variety of colors to an exclusive European crowd, hanging on the streets of Milan, via the slopes of Gstaad, all the way to London. (Royalty approves. Prince William wore Cucinelli cashmere to cuddle up to Kate Middleton in their official engagement portraits shot by Mario Testino.)

By the early 1980s, the designer was frequently burning the midnight oil dispatching bespoke orders of 100 units or more to fulfill demand. According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, he reached the magic number in 2013, with a net worth of at least 1 billion—at age 59. Growth of his public company is in the double digits.

“I’m as happy now as I was when the business began,” he added. “After the success of our sweaters, our only products until 2000, we decided to create a brand with a total look for a certain kind of lifestyle. Our colors take inspiration from our landscapes, culture and art. If you look at the Italian countryside, you will see browns, beiges and white, a natural palette reflected in our collections. I also believe in having a product that is not too widely distributed. Through carefully created retail environments, we retain our exclusivity.” The New York store is one of the brand’s most successful; Bergdorf-Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue and Barneys also sell the line.

The look announces that one is in charge but doesn’t need to button up. Cucinelli devotees are as diverse as Bradley Cooper, Jay Z, Daniel Craig and Prince William. Women love Cucinelli’s easy take on dressy glamour, too. Blake Lively is frequently photographed wearing his handiwork, and Kim Kardashian miraculously covered her curves in Cucinelli last fall when she emerged from her maternity blackout. Somebody very helpfully chose a camel, cashmere Cucinelli coat for her to wear as she stalked Parisian sidewalks with Carine Roitfeld. “We pay attention to and are inspired by young people,” adds the designer. “We want to be contemporary while maintaining our high standards of quality.”

Downtowners head to the Bleecker Street flagship but the Madison Avenue outpost buzzes too.  “New York is a place that’s somehow aware of its own modern style,” Mr. Cucinelli said. “I like adapting our made-in-Italy knowledge and experience to fit that.”

Those three words, “made in Italy,” are not incidental to the brand—they are the brand. Every single piece is made in Solomeo, the medieval Umbrian hamlet Mr. Cucinelli bought in the late ’80s and transformed into a glorious fashion farm, long before sustainability was a buzzword.

Mr. Cucinelli calls it a “humanistic factory.” Craftsmen and women work in converted village buildings brought up to date as state-of the-art workshops. Everyone eats lunch together with Mr. Cucinelli each day. “Employees are treated as preciously as the clothes they create,” he said. “I realized that economic value is worthless without human value; one could not exist without the other.”

The designer has succeeded in sticking not only to his word but to his vision. His style  transcend the mercurial rules of seasonal fashion.  Mr. Cucinelli nails it every time.

wearing Cucinelli Pants and Sweater and its so easy to mix it with other brands)

Stay Warm Guys spring is on the way)









Floppy Brim Hat

It’s not as cold as it was… yesterday ,but it’s certainly far from the spring!

The groundhogs have burrowed away for the winter, but that doesn’t mean your sartorial sense should be in hibernation.

Despite the snow and sleet that may weather your cute booties and the strong wind that leaves you with haphazard hairdos, believe me, your wardrobe does not have to succumb to the winter blues.

I’ve put together a street style outfits that will give you a reason to warm up to winter and stay always fashion.

When you think of winter headwear, chances are your mind goes straight to those warm and snuggly beanies. I think the beanie a bit too heavily during those chilly winter months. In freezing temprature it may not seem like it, but you have other headwear option. Switch things up this winter – as temperatures continue to drop, forget about the beanies and try one of these classy, felt hats instead.








Photos by Egor Tsodov


Surviving the Freezing New York

No matter how cold you think winters are in your own town, New York winters take the phrase “cold weather” to an entirely different level.  During the rest of the year, New Yorkers are famously fashionable as we all know.

Luckily, there are plenty of wonderful stores in New York, offering probably the best shopping experience in the world but,we can’t waste our time so we need to put the right outfit since the morning.  Desperately trying to assemble the proper gear,choice of essential New York winter look that keeps me warm. Winter is one of the most spectacular time to be in the Big Apple.

I am from Moscow, so I have had plenty of experience with cold weather. Dress in layers is my tip number one. Layers means clothing that accommodates other clothing to keep your body warm in cold weather, whether you are going to stay inside or go outside.   Proper winter dressing means three layers:  wicking, insulating and protection.

The first layer is what is called wicking: This is the layer worn next to your skin, usually consisting of  thermal underwear made of a synthetic , usually polyester,  fiber that has “wicking” power. This means the fibers will wick (move) moisture away from your skin and pass it through the fabric so it will evaporate. This keeps you warm, dry and comfortable. Silk is good, as is cashmere and is a natural fabric that has wicking abilities.  Wool also is good. While the polypropylene layers are important, keep in mind that wool offers added protection to stay warm because, even when wet, wool will keep you warm. The wicking layer should fit snugly (not tight) next to the skin in order to effectively wick moisture. Comfort is key for the insulating layer. It should be loose enough to trap air between layers, but not so bulky that it restricts movement.

THE SECOND LAYER is called Insulating layer which includes sweaters, sweatshirts, vests and pullovers. The purpose of this layer is to keep heat in and cold out, which is accomplished by trapping air between the fibers.

THE THIRD LAYER is known as protection layer or exterior layer. This is generally outside clothing such as coats, jackets and pants, hat, gloves, etc.  They serve as your guard against the elements of winter. They should repel water from snow, sleet or rain and block the wind, while also letting perspiration evaporate. For jackets and coats, goose down is the warmest insulation for its weight, and the higher the “fill” number, the better it insulates. Don’t let the down get compressed or it will loses its insulating ability.  A nice fur coat isn’t a bad investment either) I’m partial to fur coats and jackets as well as hats, as there isn’t anything much warmer.




Photos by Egor Tsodov

I am wearing

Sweater  Valentino 

Legging Uniqlo

Bag Hermes

So stay warm and keep moving)xx



Kelly art by King Saladeen

As most of you saw my Kelly on Instagram by King Saladeen…

Let me tell you a bit about  great artist, Raheem Saladeen Johnson is a self taught artist born and raised in West Philadelphia. His passion for art began prior to attending Kindergarden… as he says : “My inspiration comes from a place so deep within that the only way to express it is though art”   after that phrase …I had a deep desire to have a peace of art by him which can represent the LOVE between me and my children . My idea was be able to carry that peace of art with me. New York is a wonderful city that we can always meet everyone and easy to communicate.

The Mark Hotel  is my favorite spot in New York where I saw a beautiful lady with a Birkin Hermes bag on my way out… Girls will be always girls… could not hold myself to take a look on it closer… wow …. could not say more)

I could not resist and ask her the details of King Saladeen and here we go… Enjoy his work art now ).  He has his artwork in New York City, Los Angeles and Miami. King Saladeen’s first solo art show was held in Holywood and followed up by showcasing and live murals at Art Basel 2013. The momentum of 2013 has led to Raheem working with art galleries, interior designers, high end auto collectors and fashion companies.

So stay fashion stay close to art) .

Oh yes and forgot to mention about delivery service was just perfect had a such a pleasure working with him.

Would like to say special THANK YOU to the lovely and beautiful lady for connecting me with King Saladeen and to him for giving me such a joy of wearing this art peace which is very special as its 1st of the family edition representing the LOVE to my Children )

Take a look:









Photos by Egor Tsodov


I am wearing

Jeans Stella McCartney 

Ultra Light Jacket Uniqlo

Fur Jacket Fendi

Shoes Chanel