Walk of Shame

If you’re a girl who likes living on the fun side of Saturday night, the early morning walk of shame on a Sunday morning may be an all too familiar affair.
Hey, I’ve been there often too.
What’s life without a bit of wild fun now and then, right?
I mean, we don’t stay young forever.
Perhaps, someday we young things will start to get bored of these mindless sexy nights.
But that’s not today.
As embarrassing as the walk of shame may be, it’s almost always worth it. Unless you’ve shacked up with a guy who’s so embarrassing that you’d want to get swallowed into oblivion.

The walk of shame

The walk of shame almost always invites attention.
You’ve got joggers and morning walkers all around, and there you are, walking in an eye catching skirt that rides up your ass, a stagger and smudged mascara.
Along with attention, it also invites a lot of stares from women and drools and catcalls from men.
Yes, it’s annoying. But it’s insulting only if you feel insulted.
Every time I’ve had to head out on a walk of shame, I feel confident and happy, like I’ve accomplished something the others only wish they had.

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