Happy New Year 2016!!!

New Year is the time to visit our relatives and friends to warm up relation and strengthen friendship. Wishing you a New Year with fun, and party with relatives and friends Happy New Year!!!

Wishing you a New Year that brings luck and , prosperity fills your home with joy and spirit. A lots of health and love!!!

Its been a while I did not write as I was traveling and had to catch up with friends and family. But I promise you I will catch up and I’m preparing a lots of interesting articles and more news about fashion and beauty tips.

Today I would like to talk about the subject how your style adapt to the country you live in?

Do you have a clear sense of your personal style? Does it change , depending on the country you live in? I have lived in more than 5 countries, and looking back on living in all those places , I would say that the place you live in always has an eggiest on your style. Now that I write about the style and fashion all the time , I thought it would be interesting to talk about it…

I was born and raised in Moscow… where we dress to impress. Fashion is a priority here , we can’t go out without make up or in jogging , people would think that we are sick. Its always takes a time for me to adapt that I have to dress up even if I am running for errands . We could think that its a bit annoying but then we realize that actually its not bad as it keeps us on the fashion and beauty button)

Switzerland was my second home , swiss people , who do not like to show off their possessions too much so it was a big contrast after moscow… Society is very much based an equality and millionaires could just as easily own a simple car, rather than fancy once. Big brands are certainly not the norm in the Switzerland . Very concervative people and style but very proper and classic. The hairdressers full of old ladies who can barely walk but they do brushing and look after themselves . People buy expensive cloth and bags but we cants really see the brands .

London where most of my friends went for college so was spending a lot of time there. Confortable shoes and very laid back style in terms of clothing during the daytime (at work dressing is very formal) but really dress up for parties. Ladylike style, with a good hand bags and shoes with heels!!!

Paris … my experience is that you always pick up the vibe from the local style scene, so in Paris that certainly meant shopping! My style each time Im here is lot more fashionable and tailored. The latest fashion trends are meticulously followed and high quality items are favored .

New York major brands are hugely important. New York is where all the latest fashion are gathered together . Most wearing color is black, expensive hand bags , latest trends are followed .

Thank you for reading me

LenLenStyle XoXo

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